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Apr 6, 2007 12:22 PM

malaysian/indonesian around edison

Reposting this from the tristate board. I'm looking for a decent malaysian or indonesian place in the Edison/New Brunswick area, or anywhere in Middlesex or Somerset County for that matter. I know about the Edison Penang, was disappointed in Meemah's, any others? Thanks.

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  1. Try Kuala Lampur in 1358 Rte 36 in Keyport, NJ. They have good Malaysian food there.
    I was disappointed in Meemah's too despite all the hype about that place.

    1. Are you willing to travel to Monmouth County? If so, you might want to check out Far East Taste, on Route 35, in Eatontown. The chef/owner, Richard Wang, is serving his interpretations of Malaysian, Thai and Chinese cuisines. The place is totally decor deficient, but the food's excellent.

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          There is (or was) a branch of Penang right off Route 1 - I've not been to that one, but the one in Lawrenceville is pretty good.

      1. I finally went to Meemah's and thoroughly enjoyed lunch there. I must say, however, that this is not a Malaysian restaurant even though they have a couple of supposed Malaysian dishes on the menu (I did not have any of these).

        We arrived a little early and I think that worked to our advantage. The hostess and servers were very pleasant and we were able to order before the rush started. After that, things became a little (a lot?) hectic and I'm sure this carried over to the kitchen. I would not suggest arriving after noon! It was apparent that many people from nearby office buildings come here for lunch.

        Maybe I just lucked out but my beef with green beans dish was excellent and the hot and sour soup was better than what I've had in many other Chinese restaurants. I would definitely go back, especially at lunch when the prices are very reasonable.

        What did you find disappointing (other than the fact that it's not Malaysian)?

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          Besides that, it was ok. Seemed like a fairly standard chinese restaurant with a couple of malaysian/thai dishes. A bit cramped, ok service, decent food. I was just hoping for a malaysian place, more like the ones in NYC's Chinatown. Penang is pretty close.