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Apr 6, 2007 11:58 AM

Sri Lankan food in KC?

I've recently heard that Sri Lankan food is among the spiciest in the world. I want to try some, but don't know of any place in KC that has such food. Any suggestions or recommendations?

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  1. How does Sri Lankans' food differ from South Indian? If you want southern Indian food, your choices are limited now that Udipi has closed. Ruchi makes a few choices like dosas with sambhar, but I find them fairly mild. The India Cafe makes a few snack type foods familiar to south India, but they're not particularly spicy either. (Anyone know for sure they're still open? I haven't been in forever.)

    Most of the Indian food here is Northern style curries and tandoor, but I'm not familiar with what's available on the east side or north of the river, so maybe someone will have other ideas?

    1. i've had roti, hoppers, fish and goat sri lankan dishes at restaurants in staten island (where there is a substantial sri lankan population) and while i am fairly new to trying it out i don't notice it being the spicest food i've ever had. i think it depends on how much heat you want to add to the dish from the side sambals. otoh it could be gringo-ized here in america, i dk for sure. still, it is definately a cuisine worth seeking out, its much different than regional indian food.