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Apr 6, 2007 11:14 AM

Restaurant in Pittsburgh for a large party

I am heading to Pittsburgh for a college reunion in a few weeks, and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a fun place to go for dinner with a large party. All cuisines are fine, but looking for something that is not a chain. Good food and good drinks are a must!

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  1. Absolutely! Just went there this Saturday. We go there at least once a month! It is called Jamie's. It is on West Liberty Ave in Dormont. They used to be located in downtown Pgh, but they moved a few years ago to their new location in Dormont. I can't rave enough about all of their fabulous chicken dishes. I get the chix romano everytime, b/c I literally crave it - and it NEVER disappoints! They have pastas, seafoods, etc too!When we have our 2nd child, we keep telling one another that Jamie's is where we will have the baptism reception (and I am not even pregnant yet!!). I know that they have separate rooms for small to medium, parties too. Hope you try it!