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Apr 6, 2007 11:11 AM

Bistros near the Arch de Triomphe

Leaving for Europe in a month. Visting Paris, London and Rome. Would love suggestions for any
and all of the above. More interested in bistro-type places, wine and cheese, etc. not the
touristry-type places. Appreciate any help.

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  1. Bistro Flaubert (10 rue Gustave Flaubert 17eme) is approx 10 minutes walk from the Arc. It is run by Michel Rostang who has a Michelin 2 star next door ( The cooking is very good - it is small and so you must reserve, good value at about €130 for two with wine.

    For lunch there is "Comptoir de L'Arc" (73 avenue Marceau 16eme), inexpensive and good - full of locals but not open weekends or evenings (to my knowledge).

    But do avoid the "Champs Elysees" poor value and average food.

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      thanks for that link. it's impressive that he has built such a small empire of restaurants. i loved the look of bistro flaubert - have you been to any of the others?