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Apr 6, 2007 10:50 AM

Toronto's biggest steaks?

The southern U.S. seems to be the home of enormous restaurant steaks. In many of them you don't pay for it if you eat it all. An example is the Texas Cattle company Restaurant in St. Petersburg FL where they have the "96-ounce challenge". Here are few others:

Here in Ontario the Hard Times Restaurant in Niagara Falls ON has a 70-ounce steak that costs you $49.95 if you can't get it all down. I prefer much smaller steaks, but I got curious about this phenomenon. Have you run across any restaurants in the Toronto area that offer a giant steak free if you can polish it all off?

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  1. The Lonestar in Toronto features a 72 oz steak for $45.99. If you can chow it down and all the sides in an hour, it's free. Problem is, The Lonestar's food is utter dreck, as is its service. Not exactly any kind of deal here. I have wondered if anyone has actually eaten the megasteak in an hour and not keeled over!

    1. Man, I don't know how anyone can eat that. We were in Chicago for US Thanksgiving last year, and I had 12-oz prime rib one night, and a 16-oz steak the next. Couldn't finish either one but the doggy-bag rib made great sandwiches, and the steak was tasty when we fried it up with eggs in our hotel's kitchenette the next day.

      Of course, when I worked in Detroit a few years ago, I saw some of the most enormous human beings of my life, so perhaps this giant steak thing is more popular down there!