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Apr 6, 2007 10:46 AM

Pesce on Polk - review

Went to Pesce last night for the first time with two friends from out of town. This will be short and sweet, because everything was delicious. Between 3 people, we devoured:

-Oysters On The Half Shell
-Fennel & Arugula Salad with fresh shaved parmesan
-Zuppa Di Pesce with tomato, saffron and grilled garlic bread
-Braised Octopus Salad with potatoes, celery and garlic lemon vinaigrette
-Polenta e Baccala
-Risotto Dungeness Crab Cake over greens with roasted bell pepper vinaigrette
-Pappardella Con Anatra fresh pasta with braised duck sauce and pancetta
-Risi e Bisi with brown butter sage and parmesan

The highlights of the night were the octopus salad, the pappardella, and the risi e bisi. The last one was extremely simple and i could easily make it at home, but I'm just a sucker for fried sage.

The octopus was cooked perfectly and very simply, and it had a chicken-like texture. The pappardella's sauce was made from duck juices, perhaps with some added tomato. The polenta e baccala was really nice and quite salty (not too much, though), although I wish there had been a bit more polenta.

The only one I would not order again was the zuppa di pesce - it was a bit too brothy- not enough chunks.

All of their dishes are between $5 and $12.

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