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Apr 6, 2007 10:14 AM

Any recommendations for York @ 63rd area?

I will be staying there for 12 days end of May and was wondering if anyone can recommend good places.
I'm pretty open, all times, bf, brunch, lunch, dinner - all except Indian food...
Sushi and Thai are my favorites and I don't mind to walk 'some' blocks to become hungry before and digest afterwards ;-)

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  1. yes.. maya on 64/1st. great authentic mexican. not your customary tex/mex mediocre slop

    1. Jubilee on 54th between 1st and 2nd for french bistro. Great steak frites and moules. Reservations recommended as it is an extremely popular neighborhood spot.

      1. Matsu for sushi on 70th between York and 1st. Excellent quality and not too pricey.

        1. There is a pretty good Argentine restaurant right in that vicinity, but the name is absolutely escaping me at this moment - perhaps someone else can recall the name for me.

          1. In general most of the food around here is either blah or overpriced. There are quite a few really fancy places as you get near Central Park. Daniel’s for example. They’re listed in every guide. However, you’ll have a lot more fun dining out and exploring unheard of places in pretty much every other neighborhood. With that said, here’s my take.


            Sushi Seki on 1st Ave @ 62nd. Dinner only, open late. The best sushi I've ate so far. Non-traditional and can get expensive - I once spent $200/pp here without drinking. Sit at the right end of the bar if you can.

            Sushi of Gari at 78th is very similar to Seki (I think Seki once worked for Gari) and can get even more expensive than Seki but I've never been there.

            Sasabune at 73rd near 1st. Omakase only. Has great albacore sashimi. Cheaper than other high-end places – around $60 for 12 pieces.

            Inase on 1st @ 82nd. Haven’t been yet but will be soon as I’ve read some rave reviews about it here on chowhound. Cheap.

            Matsu at 70th between York and 1st. It’s a cheapo place but head and shoulders above the rest. Extremely friendly staff. Gets crowded at lunch. Go after 2pm and Gari, the chef, might give you free samples and will teach you about sushi. The special rolls can be fun but don’t expect subtlety. The cooked yellowtail jaw is good. The King Crab appetizer is excellent.


            Walk four blocks to Lexington Ave, take the Queens bound F train, drop off at the third stop and walk about five blocks west. You’re at Sripraphai. ‘nuff said.

            If you’ve got to stay in the neighborhood, there are a few options but nothing stands out. If I need a load of carbs I usually go to Viang Ping on 2nd Ave @ 72nd and get the srirachi fried rice. It’s tasty and huge. Order it a la carte and NOT part of the lunch special. I didn’t enjoy anything else there too much. I did enjoy the more expensive entrees at Spice on 2nd Ave @ 73rd but the regular items are disappointing. A friend just told me today he once had at Spice one of the best green curries he ever had anywhere. Others complain the place should be closed down by the DOH.

            Other recommendations

            The Argentinean place that MMRuth mentioned has closed.

            I second Maya. Wonderful and original food. Not the best service. Get the Guacamole appetizer and don’t let them gringonize you, ask for it to be spicy.

            Chicken Kitchen. 2nd Ave @ 62nd. Extremely cheap but very tasty grilled chicken. None of the sides are really good. Don’t be afraid by the way the place looks and the curt service. I eat in there all the time but take-out is probably your best option. Ask for a juicy chicken and don’t go on Sunday (The regular guy is not working the grill on Sundays).

            Grand Sichuan. 2nd Ave @ 55th. Authentic Sichuan. Don't order from the lunch special menu.

            Les Sans Culottes - 2nd Ave @ 57th. Classic French bistro. Not fancy and not inventive but good food and great value. The appetizers are basically all you can eat. Excellent pate. $22 prix fixe at dinner, $14 at lunch.

            OK places
            Sabor A Mexico II. 77th and 2nd Ave. Simple Mexican.

            Taksim – 2nd ave @ 55th. Turkish. Good for delivery but nothing extraordinary. I like their Chicken Adana Kebab and their salads.

            Pizza – Don’t get deliveries from John’s on 64th. It’s horrible. Their pizza might be better if you actually eat in, though. Get your local pizza from Ultimate on 1st Ave and 57th.

            Places I’ve been meaning to try out

            Tori Shin - 1st Ave @ 64th. Japanese yakitori with more than just chicken. There are always lots of Japanese clients inside.

            JoJo on 64th and Lex has, like all of Jean Gorges’ restaurants, a good lunch deal.

            Sofrito - 57th and 1st Ave. Puerto Rican.

            Nish - 58th and 1st.

            Etats-Unis 81st and @nd Ave. You can get the food at their bar across the street for half the price.

            Torys - 248 E 52nd St. 2nd Floor. Yakitori. All things chicken.

            Lexington Candy Shop on Lexington Ave @ 82nd is supposed to have awful food (it’s a diner) and the best milkshake in nyc.

            Astra on the 14th floor of the D&D building, 59th and 3rd Ave. Go there for the view. Lunch only.