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Apr 6, 2007 09:57 AM

suggestions for minneapolis?

Hey there - my boyfriend and I are going to Minneapolis for a weekend and are looking for some great places to eat that aren't incredibly expensive. We might go to Heartland in St. Paul for a fancy dinner, but any suggestions for cheaper eats, especially around the MIA or the Walker would be awesome. Brunch and bakery recs are especially welcome.

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  1. the mia is just off of "eat street", nicollet ave, home of scads of great cheap eats. my fave is quang for pho, but i'm sure the other chowhounds won't disappoint weighing in with their recs! heartland is a nice choice for fancy dinner, but i'd also consider restaurant alma-- alex roberts is up for james beard this year.

    if heartland is your type of place you guys might dig the birchwood for brunch, my fave over french meadow, which someone will call me out on-- but out-of-towners are seldom impressed with fm, ime. don't miss breakfast/brunch at hell's kitchen, unless you're really too broke, it's awesome. if broke, punk rock, and/or vegetarian, try triple rock social club (bar) or seward cafe (collective). unfortunately all of my recs in this paragraph are, unhelpfully, kinda across town from the museums.

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      Actually, Birchwood is a long-standing favorite on this board. Here's a recent recommendation, for instance, in response to my request for "cyclist-friendly" chow, which I might need to peruse again now that the weather is turning to spring.

      My only complaint about Birchwood is that it can get REALLY LOUD inside (lots of happy families with young children from the neighborhood...), especially when the patio is closed off in winters.


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        hey you should totally resurrect that awesome cycling thread and you must add

        crc coffee bar/cycel garage, near 34th and lyndale, the bob's java hut of minneapolis cyclists. crc stands for "cars are coffins", by the way.

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        thanks for the input! we are fond of great cheap eats.
        alma looks fantastic - the dude is a vegetarian but i'm not, but there seems to be enough on the menu that would make him happy.

      3. Eat Street (Nicollet Ave S) is right by the MIA and many great, inexpensive meals can be had in and around the Steven's Square neighborhood. Quang (viet), Jasmine (viet), Bad Waitress (am. diner), Christos (greek), Azia (spendy), many many others...

        The Walker isn't really close to anything "cheaper", though it is close to some very good restaurants, especially being between downtown and uptown. I suggest the lounge at LBV across the street, at least for a cocktail and a nosh. Check the links below to find more info:

        For brunch, you have more options than I have room to list them. I suppose it depends on where you're staying.

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          If you are looking for brunch in MPLS area---only one word needed: Ike's (downtown). Isn't the cheapest around, but a great experience and fabulous service!

        2. I'd suggest Hell's Kitchen (on 9th just off Nicollet, downtown) for breakfast. It's not cheap, but the food is excellent. You may want to call ahead or make a reservation.

          I like Pho Tau Bay on Nicollet for Vietnamese. You may be interested in trying Spoonriver (near the Guthrie) for vegetarian goodies, but that's not cheap either.

          ETA: Lucia's is also excellent, and has a lovely take away bakery.