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Apr 6, 2007 09:34 AM

Fortune Cooky in Poughkeepsie

Does anyone know what's going on with Fortune Cooky on Raymond Ave.? I tried their last known phone number a few minutes ago and it just rings and rings.

I know they'd closed for a long time due to fire damage, but last I heard they were planning to rebuild and re-open. I don't get over to Poughkeepsie very often these days, so I haven't had a chance to swing by there recently to see for myself.

Fortune Cooky is my favorite local "Mom 'n Pop" Chinese place; I've been a satisfied customer since around the time they opened in the early '80s. I always found the people and the food wonderful. It would break my heart if they closed down for good.

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  1. just drove by there - it looks like sushi village (next door) is open, but there's a white sign in the window of the cooky which says "closed due to renovations".

    my question for you - when it opens - what is so good about that place, or what would i want to try? i'm thoroughly underwhelmed by any chinese in this area, and prefer to make my own kung pao chicken (and i'm not a good cook by any means) than eat most things at the local places.


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    1. re: bob gaj

      Ditto on your statement about Chinese food in the area (with the exception about making my own - I guess I'm too lazy & know very well that I'll be dissapointed by my own Chinese cooking- even though I grew up eating Chinese food!!)

      I haven't been to all the Chinese places in Dutchess County, but whenever I need something that's good "Americanized Chinese food," I go to Golden Wok in Red Hook. The owner does sometimes make specials for me, I cannot complain....

      1. re: moosesocks

        I have not been to all the Chinese places in Dutchess either, but I agree that Golden Wok is pretty darn good, in terms of taste, value, portion size, and willingness to cook items not on the menu.

    2. drove by it today, place is for sale...