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Apr 6, 2007 09:28 AM

Passover at Philly Chinese Restaurant??

I had surgery two days ago and while the anesthesiologist was getting ready to put me out he started talking about his Passover dinner at a Chinese Restaurant somewhere downtown. I was getting groggy so could only make out a few of his comments - it was tons of fun, something totally different and the food was great. I also *think* I remember him saying "Charles" and "Snyder" but have no context for what those words might mean. Streets? Restaurant names? Can someone here help? I'd love to consider doing Passover dinner at a Chinese restaurant next year. Sounds neat. TIA!

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  1. Long's near the Art Museum used to have a Passover menu - the spinoff in Wynnewood does, and it's quite possible that the original does as well. We didn't make it there this year, but it is really enjoyable.

    Perhaps your anesthesiologist was referring to Charles Plaza in south Philly, but I thought that was mexican. I could be wrong.

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      OK, I think you're thinking of two places: Charles Plaza, which is on North 9th Street in Chinatown, which is definitely Chinese (and a great place, too). As well as Plaza Garibaldi, which is Mexican, in South Philly, at 10th/Washington.

      I don't know about the Passover menus of either place, if any.

    2. I'd swear your doctor was referring to Charles Plaza Chinese Restaurant on 10th Street.
      If he's as good a surgeon as he is a gourmet diner, you're home free.

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        Our daughter had a Chinese Passover this past year: she is 1/4 Sephardic, and I think there was a bit of exageration going on. Sephardic Jews eat rice for Passover.