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Apr 6, 2007 09:26 AM

French Quarter Fest Dining for 10+

Going down for the annual FQF next weekend and are looking for some ideas in/near the quarter or on the streetcar line. There are around 10 of us and cabs can be a problem, so we like to walk when possible. Because not everyone can afford to do NOLA for dinner (a favorite of mine for lunch), we are looking for some moderate priced dinner places. We generally eat one night at the Praline Connection. But are open to any suggestions as we have three nights to fill (coming in on Thursday). No cuisine is off limits (at least in my book)

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I am a local and would recommend:
    1.Port of call for the best hamburger and baked potato. I usually get mine cooked medium because they grind their own meat daily. Also, they have really strong but tasty drinks. They are located at 838 Esplanade (the back side of the quarter). This is about the best burger you will ever have.
    2.Fiorella's Cafe for anything but especially the fried chicken. Plus they have good poboys and breakfast. They are located between Decatur and the french market (about 1300 block).
    3.Cafe Masparo for any basic local food. I love their french onion soup with a catfish sandwich and an abita amber beer. If you like muffuleta sandwiches, you will have to get one here. They are located approx. 600 block of Decatur.
    4. Deanie's Seafood for anything seafood. This is a new location in the quarter right off of bourbon st. I think it was 300 block of bourbon st.
    5.Mr. B's will open on the 16th of april. This is a bit more upscale compared to the other places I mentioned, but just as great.
    6. Trolly Stop right off of the street car line on St. Charles. They are open 24 hours and have great breakfast.
    7. Commander's Palace is another must stop on St. Charles. This is upscale as well. They have a great wine list (They keep about 10000 bottles on hand).

    Almost all of these locations will cost about 6-12 dollars per person depending on how much you eat and drink. I hope these few recommendations will help.

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    1. re: Guido_B

      This person has no idea what it cost to eat in these restaurants. $6-12 is ridiculous.

      1. re: Tonto noted in my previous post....Central Grocery may be the only place you can eat for that price in the Quarter or Verti Marte.

        I would try Cochon, Herbsaint, Lola's, Adolfo's, and Bennachin. The last three are is this new place called Eat that is pretty good for breakfast and dinner, but certainly not to the level of the first two afore-mentioned Donald Link restaurants.

        1. re: Tonto

          I know exactly what they cost. I still have their receipts in my wallet from the last two weeks. I lived in New Orleans for over 21 years. I went to college in NO. Of course the more some of the restaurants such as Mr. B, Commanders Palace , Drago's cost more, but most of the ones that I have listed are 6-12$. Do you live in NO. How much do you pay for a poboy? The original post stated moderate price. The places that I have listed are places that locals eat at and tourist don't know about unless a someone informs them. All of the more expensive places are easy to find, just ask the hotel where you are staying. They will have a pamphlet for almost all of them.

          1. re: Guido_B

            Say what you will now, the way you posted was extremely three of the restaurants you listed are WAY above the amount you stated. I would hate for someone to take your reccomendation and go to Drago's only to find out that he will have to spend double or more than what you stated.

            To answer your question directly....I pay the same amount for a po-boy as anyone else who frrequents Parkway Bakery, Parasol's or Johnny's does, and $0 at Domilese's as many of Ms. Dot's friends do.

            I have lived in New Orleans my whole life; and I wonder how someone like yourself has lived here 21 years, lists our most famous restaurant, Commnder's, as on St. Charles?!

            Furthermore, touting Mr. B's, Commander's, and Maspero's as local eateries that tourist "don't know about unless someone informs them" is simply the most absurd thing I have read on this message board. Commander's?? I mean, you can't be serious...can you?

            To end on a helpful note to the original poster, I would try at least one of the BYO ones listed above...its a great way to cut down price and still get a great meal.

            1. re: bbares81

              I think you missed the part where I said most of them cost X$. Also, yes 3 of the 8 happen to have tourist frequent them but that is not the majority. You would be surprised at that about 80 percent of the people that go to Commanders Palace are locals, just talk to Ryan Andre (one of the chefs there). I spoke to the bar manager at Maspero's about a week ago and he said that most of his customers are locals. I have not spoken with anyone from Mr.B's for a while, so I cannot comment about their customers. I could not remember what street Commanders palace was on, but I think it is either Washington or Prytania. I was in a rush on the original post and just generalized. What the hell is wrong with you? What are you so angry about? How about you just read my restaurant suggestions and say if they are good to eat there or not.