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Apr 6, 2007 09:19 AM

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory - Flushing

Could not have been more perfect, hitting it after Spicy and Tasty, but we wouldn't have if he hadn't been in the car. Very long walk!

It is a far more pleasant atmosphere than the one in Manhattan. - bright and clean and in no way resembles the inside of an auto-parts store office. We had the standard almond cookie, a mango bubble tea (not my kind of flavor, but everyone else liked it), and a beautiful, dark, almost chocolatey tasting Black Sesame.

Once it warms up, I will make a point of taking the baby to the Botanical Gardens in Flushing, just so that I can justify being sort of close to the ice cream. I may even walk home to JH to work off the double scoop.

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  1. Would you please tell me where the place is. I live in Queens and have been meaning to get to the one in the city but have never gotten around to it. I'm so excited and even though it's so cold today I would love to go this weekend.


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      It's on Main St, but down past the Botanical Gardens where it curves around. Over a mile from Spicy & Tasty.

      1. re: orzabelle

        As long as you're in the neighborhood, why not try this Taiwanese restaurant? It was mentioned in New York Magazine (online) but it's so far from the rest of Flushing no one here has tried it yet. (The Chinatown ice cream factory is at 59-16 Main St, so it's just next door!!) And if you try it, tell us about it!

        Taiwanese Specialties, aka Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet, 59-14A Main St., Flushing; 718-886-8788

        1. re: Brian S

          I used to go there when I had friends in that neighborhood. We liked the beef with bamboo shoots, and the other stuff wasn't bad either. I didn't find the staff to be very cordial, but the food is fine. It wasn't my favorite Taiwanese, but not that some other options have disappeared, it may be one of the better ones.

          1. re: Brian S

            I have to say, that Taiwanese is one of the best places around... and it's around a Lot. You have to try some of the stranger things to find what they're best at, though. I can't go without ordering an Oyster Pancake, for instance. Man... now I have to have one. See what you people do???

            Their weird organ meats, their fresh greens, their noodles... all extremely wothwhile and memorable. Give it a chance, then get some Ginger Ice Cream next door!

      2. It's on Main St just north of the LIE in the strip of stores across from the Palace Diner

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        1. re: meatza

          Thanks for the info. It's freezing here today but I just might brave it.

        2. BE WARNED! This is not THE chinatown ice cream factory. it is in no way related or affiliated to the excellent and longstanding ORIGINAL chinatown ice cream factory on bayard st in manhattan.

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          1. re: kitchen

            Perhaps, but this was my first time at the Flushing Chinatown Ice Cream. I'm a longtime devotee of the Manhattan one, and this was as good, I have to say.

            I thought I read here that there was a family feud and that this was related in some way...

            1. re: orzabelle

              Well that's a big bummer. I guess I'm still going to have to try the one in Chintown. I have to tell you though that I did go to the one in Flushing and although I can't compare it with the one in Chinatown, the icecream was pretty good.

            2. re: kitchen

              I phoned the Manhattan store (from Tulsa) and they confirmed that they are the only branch.

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                  Another trip. I went to the Botanical Gardens in Queens with some other mom-friends, and we hiked a half mile with our strollers for a fix. One friend is also heavily pregnant, so I knew that the ice cream had better live up to my memory of it or I'd have to do more than just pay for it.

                  The woman working there was a bit weird. I asked for a sample of the pomegranate ice, and she gave me an INSANE look - truly insane. All of our hackles were on end, it was such a David Lynch moment. Then she handed over the sample (lovely) and was sweet and smiley.

                  I had my favorite black sesame again - couldn't resist - and my friends had lychee, ginger, and red bean. The lychee had chunks of fruit and was so refreshing. The ginger had a great texture, sort of grainy and creamy and vaguely chewy at the same time. And I thought I hated red bean ice cream, but this one was gorgeous. Bright beans and dark-tasting. We were enjoying ourselves and sitting in the wicker chairs as we looked out at all the new leaves budding on the trees.

                  Then, we got up to leave, and I turned back to nod goodbye to the woman working. And she gave us all another super-creepy David Lynch-ish look. We got the hell out of there!