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Apr 6, 2007 09:15 AM

Outdoor Happy Hours

'Tis the season my friends. As I was contemplating where my happy hour would happen today, I thought 'this hasn't come onto the boards recently'.

So where are your favorite places to catch some sunshine and enjoy an adult beverage here in the fine city of Seattle??

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  1. Ponti. Great deck, nice view, good food deals.

    1. Waterfront Grill, Pier 71 in Seattle. Yarrow Bay Cafe in Carillon Point (Kirkland).

      1. Flying Fish and Cascadia on First Avenue in Belltown and although the sun doesn't really hit it, Margorie's on 2nd Avenue has a very sweet deck and delicious cocktails.

        1. The Luau in Tangletown. Kind of cheesy, but great (and superlong) happy hour w/ outdoor seating. Can't beat it.

          1. The Pink Door's patio would be perfect, if one could actually get seated outside. I clearly am not cool enough to pass whatever test the staff there applies. I don't even think I know anyone who's ever been seated outside.

            The Virginia Inn has a few tables outside that are very nice indeed when the weather's cooperative.

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            1. re: terrier

              IIRC, The Pink Door takes reservations for the outside patio. I've been seated out there many times and I don't think I had to pass a special test!

              1. re: Lauren

                For dinner or for drinks (the poster is asking about happy hour)? I didn't know you could make reservations for the bar half of the outdoor deck.

                It can be really hard at anyplace that has outdoor seating to get a table on a nice day. You generally have to go early or late, even on a weekday.

                1. re: christy319

                  No one has suggested Ray's Boathouse, so I'll give you that.

                  1. re: hertzdonut

                    Upstairs at Rays does do a fine happy hour. (The food would be meh at full price, but at half price, the Ahi and Salmon burger specials seem ever so much better). But be warned that the happy hour special prices only apply *inside* the dining room. If you eat on the deck, the food will cost twice as much.