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Apr 6, 2007 09:05 AM

Best Italian, Sushi, Steak in Cleveland...

Am here for the next few days...or at least as long as the Mariners are playing the Indians...and looking for definitives. I come through here a few times each summer and am always disappointed with recommendations of hotel concierges, etc...Thank you!

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  1. There's lots of great food in Cleveland but there may not be a lot of choices in these categories. The only sushi that I would recommend is Pacific East.

    Hyde Park is a good choice for steak. It's been years since I've gone. My impression was that the downtown location was good and the others weren't. I've heard opinions which suggest that this may have changed. Morton's is another possibility. Let me add that it's a national chain in case that bothers you. XO is one other possibility. I've never had the steak here but they're local and I believe that (with Hyde Park and Morton's) they're the only prime dry aged beef in town.

    And if you're set on Italian then the only recommendations I have are second hand. Benvenuti, Oggi's, Stino da Napoli. I know Bruno's makes most of their pasta fresh.These are all smaller, neigborhood restaurant type places. Giovanni's has a great local reputation. I went to Venezia once and was disappointed but the things I've heard have been so good that I'm considering giving them another chance. Finally, I'm curious about Bice. It's an international chain with a good reputation. It's in the Ritz.

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      I dont want to confuse matters, but didnt Bice go into the Mortons space in tower city? Anyway I agree about Pacific East. I have heard Fire on Shaker Square makes a great streak. You can take the rapid train there if you want. While not a steak house they do everything well.

      1. re: lyn

        BICE just went into the place where CENTURY was.

        i dk if the op is still around as the games were snowed out -- yikes! but if so:

        there is another newish place for steak called RED that i have heard good reviews of.

        i am a fan of old school steakhouses myself and while they dont always have the best steaks the westside FERRIS definately fits that category.

        for italian if i were the op i would skip little italy & go to JOHNNYS ON FULTON in ohio city. its excellent and clubby and well...its very un-seattle. i eat italian a lot in ny and this gem is right up there with the best of them.

    2. For Italian I definitely recommend Carrie Cerino's in N. Royalton (, but you will need a car to get there. If you're downtown only, I suggest Osteria (dinner only). I can't help with sushi as I don't eat it. As to steak downtown, there's none better than Lola (

      1. If you are still here (well, the Mariners still are!) - the sushi at Parallax is very good (Tremont). I second Carrie Cerino's for Italian, but if it's too far for you, try Michelangelo's or Battuto in Little Italy, or Lago in Tremont. For meat - try Lolita in Tremont or Lola downtown - you can get awesome steak, but after you read the rest of the menu, you might want to opt for their more interesting fare!

        1. Italian - for down home cooking - not fancy - try the homemade spaghetti at Mama Santa's in Little Italy. And, while in Cleveland, you have to try pierogis at the University Inn.