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Apr 6, 2007 09:04 AM

best lox?

wondering if anyone knows where to get really good lox. i'm sick of the stuff in the plastic packages.... need the NYC style thin-sliced nova!

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  1. Zathmary's was the only place that had what you are talking about.. I used to adore the hand cut belly lox. When I go to NYC I go to a place called Barney Greengrass on the upper west side. The sturgeon is what they are famous for but everything is good. Maybe they will ship it to you or try zabars online.

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      Having grown up in Brooklyn at a time when "hand sliced" lox was the rule and not the exception and lox outsold nova, it's difficult to find anyplace now that sells anything hand sliced at all, especially around these parts. Zabars is a good place to start. I wasn't impressed with Barney Greengrass. Though I haven't tried them, Russ and Daughters on the lower eastside ( is supposed to have phenominal smoked fish. You can also try the New York First website ( which has a grocery offering many of New York's finest foods (you'll need bagels to go with that lox). However, the cost of shipping from these places is usually as much if not more than the treats themselves. When in need, we purchase the 1 1/2 lb. smoked salmon from Costco. It's delish, thinly sliced (by a machine of course) and quite tasty. Otherwise, we wait until we visit the City.

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        Russ and Daughters is AWESOME - I have the NY Nostalgia package shipped to me once a year!

    2. You might check with the S&S in Cambridge to see whether the deli counter slices its own.

      And please let the rest of us expat NYers know what you find out.

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          S&S is alright. The lox is not handcut, and its definitly cut way too thick, but its not bad. The bagel is okay. Im still searching for some lox that comes close to my beloved zabars.

          FYI, the chairman of Acme Smoked Fish (Zabar's lox provider) died this week. Very sad. I really hope that this does not harm their quality in the long run.

      1. So, are you looking for Nova (smoked salmon) or lox (cured, but not smoked)? There's a Rite outlet in East Boston that has good lox - but don't bother with their smoked salmon.

        For really special smoked salmon, mail order from russ & daughters - the King salmon (they call it western) is incredible. Get some sturgeon and sable while you're at it. It's expensive (western is $40/lb plus the shipping), but it's worth it. Nobody around here's going to have anything like it.

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          Can you give address and contact info for the Rite outlet you mentioned? What else do they have? I searched the web but haven't come across it.

          1. re: JP RS

            It was on Marginal St. in Chelsea - but it's been a while since I was there and I find absolutely no reference to Rite Foods, like you said, so maybe they're gone. I still see Rite Foods herrings in the grocery stores - I think - I haven't bought any of that in a while either. The Rite Foods site just has the Tribe hummus, their address is down in Taunton - I know that Rite bought them out a while ago, but I guess it wouldn't be surprising if there had been some reshuffling. Sorry about providing an old reference.

            1. re: JP RS

              It is called Select Seafood on Marginal Street in Chelsea.

            2. re: applehome

              Both Russ&Daughters and Zabars buy their smoked fish from the same smoke house. I have never noticed that one is consistently better then the other. The quality of the fish at both places vacillates between excellent and perfection. I have found that Zabars does a better job of packaging it's shipments though.

            3. Sadly, we, too, import ours from Zabars when we go to NYC. Used to buy the stuff that Zathmary's imported from Brooklyn themselves before they shut down. I seem to recall some recommendations for the assorted smoked fishes, including salmon, at the Russian markets (e.g. Bazaar) in Brookline.


              1. I'm no lox expert but I am very surprised that there isn't anywhere in the Boston area to get hand sliced lox. Seems like just raising the issue would induce a half dozen places to start, get some, and to do it very well.