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Apr 6, 2007 08:55 AM

Downtown St. Louis Restaurants?

My daughter and I are going to be attending a conference in downtown St. Louis in late June. It's being held at the Millenium Hotel, and we're staying at the Drury Plaza. We won't have a car and would be interested in great restaurants that are within walking distance or a short cab ride away. We're not looking for fancy, just good, preferably with an emphasis on St. Louis cusine. We pretty much eat anything! Thanks so much.

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  1. There are lots of great places nearby. Walk over (north) to Washington Avenue, and try out Kitchen K, Mosaic, Lucas Park Grill, or Wasabi (sushi) for starters. I'm very partial to Rooster for lunch - great crepes and salads. Everest Cafe does a good Nepalese thing. I'm not certain there's a definitive "St. Louis" cusine but there are lots of great places to eat. Get lunch at the cafe at City Museum - not for the food but for the Museum experience. For the real "St. Louis" experience, get in a cab or rent a car (or better yet, make friends with someone at the conference who has a car) and drive over to Ted Drewes on Chippewa for desert of frozen custard. That is "St. Louis"

    1. Washington Avenue does offer a multitude of interesting choices, but it is a bit of a trek from the Drury Inn.

      Much closer to the Drury Inn: 400 Olive is in the lobby of the Hilton on 4th and Olive (do not confuse it with the Hilton At The Ballpark). 400 Olive is a very pleasant restaurant in a nicely restored 19th Century bank. Also in close walking distance is Anthony's Bar (an affordable adjunct of St. Louis's poshest restaurant called Tony's). And right in your hotel complex is Carmine's Steakhouse, which has favorable reviews on

      Walking south on Broadway past the baseball stadium, you will come to the Broadway Oyster Bar. Creole cooking. (St Louis was founded by Creoles...)

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        Doug and jberendzen has hit the highlights for downtown. One warning though, don't let yourself be talked into going to Laclede's Landing for dinner, you will get the wrong idea about St. Louis. There are two places worth going to down there and that is it: Morgan Street Brewery is you like beer, their food is mediocre at best and St. Louis Fish Market in the Embassy Suites hotel. Having said that, remember that St. Louis is a landlocked city, so any seafood you get will have been frozen at one time or another. Everything else down in Laclede preys on tourists.

        Of course, if you win the Lotto before then, you can always go to Tony's or An American Place.

        1. re: Phaedrus

          Perhaps the seafood at the Embassy Suites was frozen, and perhaps the seafood at many establishments has been frozen before hand, but their are plenty of upscale restaurants in St. Louis that serve seafood that has never been frozen. Just by mentioning An American Place and Tony's you have personally listed two.

          Economical Air Freight has made it possible for even the landlocked midwest to get fresh, never frozen fish.

      2. We get to Broadway Oyster Bar several times a year. The atmosphere is great and the food...well, it is fantastic. The BBQ shrimp is misleading in its name...a definite must won't be disappointed. The red beans and rice are authentic as it gets to cajun cooking as well as the crawfish! If you long for cajun/creole cooking, do not pass up this place, you won't be disappointed. We are planning on coming down in a couple of weeks to get our fill. They also have an outdoor bar and eating patio area. When the weather warms up, they have live bands that play blues and it is just a BLAST.

        1. The Oyster Bar is one of my most favorite places to hang out - to sit outside, drink and listen to great live local music. But not to eat. There are a few edible things to be scrounged from the menu, but most everything is mediocre at best and very often poor.