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Apr 6, 2007 08:37 AM

Triangle/Asheboro: Blue Mist BBQ, Johnson's, I-64

I had dinner at Blue Mist Barbecue. It's located on I-64 East, near Asheboro. I usually eat there on my way to and from the Zoo, maybe twice a year.

It's strange that nobody ever mentions Blue Mist. It's been around since 1948, apparently, and serves authentic pit-cooked barbecue. They have a smokehouse round the back. No gas, involved. They also serve a large and better than average diner menu, and a nice array of fixings; I especially like their bell-pepper-infused baked beans.

In terms of value nothing beats it. The cue plate is $7 but the portion is massive. My wife and I packed up about half our meal and intend to make a second dinner of it tonight.

It seems to me that Blue Mist should be better known and more celebrated.

Passing through Siler City I also see some promising eats: Smithfield BBQ and Johnson's, an age-old burger joint. Any comments on these?

Here's some press on Johnson's:

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  1. i, too, enjoy the Blue Mist when I pass by --- unless its changed since the last time i've been there, the place seems stuck in 40 yrs ago. and there's always some characters in there. and the smoking section is bigger than the nonsmoking. charming. i believe i get the pork club when i'm there (its been awhile) -- think its got cue and bacon and lettuce and cheese or something like that. whatever, it is, its cheap and tasty...i, too, recommed...the food is always good and it sort of feels like an experience when you eat there....

    1. I stopped by there a few weeks ago, but upon walking in the door, I was engulfed in a cloud of heavy cigarette smoke. I also noticed that the non-smoking section was just two tables at the far end of the diner, not separated from the rest of the tables at all. What a downer. My allergies don't allow me to subject myself to such things.

      Maybe next time, I'll call ahead and do takeout. As of now, however, I'd rather incentivize restaurants that are kinder to non-smokers.

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        I am non-smoker and my wife, like you, has an allergic aversion to second-hand smoke, but all the same I have to respect an establishment that has so little bowed to the modern order. This same flinty traditionalism is reflected in the food.