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Apr 6, 2007 07:55 AM

A drink before dinner please.

A short while ago I asked you to rate me a restaurant. Thank you for the help. We'll be going to Restaurant Eve's tasting room for our 2nd wedding anniversary.

Now, since I know nothing much about Old Town per say, could you help find a restaurant where we might like to sit and have a drink before walking to dinner? I know that the libations at RE are well reputed but we usually like to try a change of scene and visit another place before the main event. If there aren't any good choices in walking distance or you think that we should stick to RE even if there are then let me know that too.


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  1. This is so easy- go to PX (one of their other locations). It's a short walk and a beautiful speakeasy. You'll already be dressed to the nines for it.

    Good call on Eve- it's simply the best restaurant the DC area has to offer right now.

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      Although I think that is a good suggestion, you should also mention that Eve does not open until 7PM. So, depending on the time of their dinner reservation, PX may not work.

    2. The only place in Old Town with better cocktails than Eve would be PX, and that's run by the same bartender as Eve. Don't know if they'll be open though, they keep pretty odd hours and there's usually a line. You can make reservations however. There's a wine bar restaurant in the same building that Cafe Marianna used to be, but that's not really walking distance.

      Really, as far as cocktails are concerned, there's nothing in the neighborhood in the same league, let alone the same ballpark, unless you just want to have a Guinness at any number of Irish pubs. Todd Thrasher at Eve mixes a mean sidecar, IMHO. The pickle martini may not be to everyone's taste, but it's pretty sweet (or gherkinny, if that's a word). And his New Age Gibson will knock you into next week. Powerful stuff. It's the standard way I start a meal at Eve.

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        One nice thing about RE is that each room is distinctively different - bar , bistro, tasting room. So, if you are looking for a change of atmosphere, you kind of get that. It's not like you are sitting having a drink at a bar while looking at the room you will be eating at for the next few hours. The bar at RE is in the front and separated down a hall from the bistro/tasting room. The drinks are so good there that it's hard to recommend going somewhere else first. I really like their cucumber 'margarita' although I guess some people might find it odd.