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Apr 6, 2007 07:49 AM

Weisswurst in Queens or Brooklyn?

My grandmother loves weisswurst and i'd love to bring some to her this weekend -- we've made the schlep to Karl Eimer (sp?) in Glendale, but I'd love to find somewhere we can pick them up that is more convenient. We live in Jackson Heights, and are heading to southern jersey, either on the BQE or going through Manhattan if that's easier.

If there's somewhere nearby that also has good rye bread, that would be great as well.


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  1. Eagle Provisions, 5th Ave. and 18th St. has it. Just a bit tricky to get to off the BQE, but super easy to get back on.

    1. Thanks! The plan is to hit Eagle Provisions on our way out of town -- will they be open until 6? Anything else there that is particularly tasty?

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        I think that they are open to 7 or 8 depending on the day of the week. There are lots of tasty eastern European items including both fresh and smoked Kielbasa and lots of other sausages like fresh bratwurst.

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          we ended up going to Eagle Provisions -- it was only about 5 minutes off the highway, so it made for a fairly quick detour. we really liked the slab bacon we got and the kraut. we didn't try the weisswurst, so I can't report on them, but they are the karl ehmer ones. the lithuanian rye bread was good, but nothing worth making a special trip. we also picked up some of the smoked kilbasa, and i liked the flavor, but wished we hadn't split & grilled it, as it came out a bit on the dry side. we also tried a poppy bread that i think i saw someone said was good on c'hound, but it didn't really do much for me.

          thanks again for so many helpful responses!

      2. Karl Ehmer's has fantastic weisswurst and well as other great german wirsts. They are in both Long Island and various other parts of the city. Check out their website for the location closest to you.

        1. They sell both items at Eagle Provisions, 5th Ave and 18th Street in S. Park Slope. Its not far from the BQE, tho I cant tell you what exit it would be (maybe get off at Hamilton Ave and drive under the highway over to Park Slope. . I expect you could also grab what you want at one of the Polish markets in Greenpoint, which is also on your route.

          1. I much prefer Forest Pork Store to Karl Ehmer. If you have a car, the most straightforward way to get from Jackson Heights to Karl Ehmer is to take 69th Street to Eliot Avenue, then make a left off Eliot onto Fresh Pond Road. Forest Pork store is on Forest Ave and Woodbine Street. You can keep going down Eliot and make a left onto Forest Ave.

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              I second Forest Pork Store, and would also recommend Morschers Pork Store, only a few blocks away off Forest Ave, at 58-44 Catalpa Avenue. They also make all sausages fresh, and are cheaper than both Ehmer and Forest.