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Apr 6, 2007 07:10 AM

Need live shrimp

I need live shrimp on Easter Sunday. Is there any place in the Tri-State area that even have live shrimp?

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  1. Do you really need live, as opposed to fresh/unfrozen? That's a tall order around here.

    I have seen small number of live shrimp for sale in a tank at Hong Kong market in Flushing. They also have very fresh, unfrozen head-on shrimp in multiple sizes.

    And, I must ask, what are you using them for? Sounds interesting.

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    1. re: cteats

      I would really like about 20 pounds of them live. IHowever, I will settle for unfrozen head-on shrimp. Can you tell me what street the market is on. I am not from here (as you can probably tell) I am from South Louisiana and for Easter I am have a shrimp boil. Back home we have a crawfish boil on Easter Sunday but the crawfish are really not running well and I can not them shipped up here.

      1. re: anitaw32

        Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx? They should have crawfish and live shrimp available. I used to pick them up occasionally back when they were in the original location.

        1. re: JMF

          If not too late, Kam Sem has head-on shrimp. The price was amazingly low, if I remember correctly and they were excellent. Probably frozen and thawed, but they were still good.

        2. re: anitaw32

          i see its too late for easter, but my understanding is that shrimp are not like crawfish, crabs, and lobster -- i.e., that they don't live too long out of water. that's why its so rare to see live shrimp. for the same reason, the vast majority of wild shrimp are flash frozen on board shrimp boats into blocks that are about 6in by 6 in by 12in. if you can find a good seafood market, maybe you can get the guy to sell you blocks directly. buying it in a block would ensure two things (1) its wild shrimp, (2) its hasn't been thawed and refrozen.
          the trick with shrimp is not so much getting ones that have never been frozen, rather getting ones that have only been frozen once (that you either buy frozen or recently thawed).
          you can order shrimp that have never been frozen from Farm-2-market, but at a price that you would more likely serve as an appetizer, not feed your whole family at a boil.
          also, i believe a number of the company's in Louisiana that ship live and boiled crawfish also ship shrimp., kyle leblanc's, cajun depot are a few that come to mind...