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Apr 6, 2007 07:04 AM

Looking for Last Minute Date Spot in W Village

I am looking to try something new in the West Village for a date tonight. Here are my usual spots: Moustache, Tanti Bacci Cafe, A.O.C., Westville, The Former Sazarac House, Mary's Fish Camp, Diablo Royale, Chow.

Anyone have a cute neighborhood spot with good atmosphere that I could get into last minute on a Friday night?

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  1. Extra Virgin, love the drinks too. Da Andrea, delish and cute, but might get crowded and I dont think they take rezzies for smaller groups.

    1. We've been eating at Deborah a lot since Inside closed. You would need a reservation, but should be able to still get one today.

      1. Snack Taverna, Crispo, Agave, Cornelia St. Cafe, Ditch Plains (I've only been for brunch, though), Po, Jane. I like Deborah for brunch, but recent dinners have been sporadic.

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          Po is a good call -- charming and great about accommodating walk-ins if they can.

        2. I love Valdino West on the corner of Hudson and Bank. Great food--I actually like it better than Da Andrea for pasta, and the atmosphere is cozy and cute (personally I find Da Andrea too bright), with great service. Try the gnocchi osso bucco or for something lighter, try their brodetto (seafood stew). The chicken parm is amazing too.

          1. Don't know what you want for "atmosphere," but if that means "romantic", there's always The Place. It's a bit much for a first date, and skip their cocktails, but for a third date or beyond, the food's good, the prices are decent and it's cute as all get out.