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Apr 6, 2007 06:49 AM

Anyone ever been to Cafe IL Cipresso in Tyngsboro?

Seen some great reviews on this "tiny" and "authentic" Tuscan restaurant online. Wondering if anyone has been there and what they can tell me about it?

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  1. If this is the one in a strip mall, behind another restaurant (firehouse ?? something like that) this is fabulous, and don't know why we don't go back as often. Whole family working there, mama in the back, daughters waiting table, father/grandfather too, grama doing something too. Fabulous, fresh, authentic italian. Homemade pastas and sauces. Might not have a liquor liscence.

    1. Ate lunch here regularly when i worked down the road, a few years ago. From what i recall and miss dearly: the bowl of homemade pumpkin soup and garlic bread that i would get for takeout every day, the fabulous lasagna toscana, their bolognese & pesto sauces, FRESH gnocchi. My colleague would always gravitate towards the fish - they had a salmon pasta entree that he absolutely adored and ordered every single time we went there. Whatever you have, you'll be satisfied but remember to finish off with a slice of their tiramisu and a capuccino. Glad to hear the place is still there and generating interest.

      1. Now I'm interested. What's the address? Do they have a website? Do they serve beer and wine? Lunch and dinner?

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          They are on 130 Middlesex Road, in a small strip mall. They don't seem to have a web site, or one that i can find. They had a wine list, the last time i had dinner there. I cannot recall beer. They serve lunch which used to be crowded for 12 -1pm during the weekday, but mainly because the BU campus (at 72 Tyng, just up the road) staff & employees would make a bee line. If I recall correctly, they were closed over the weekend & Mondays, and dinner was only half-week, like Wednesday - Friday. The hours may have changed, so call before you go.

        2. I have eaten there a few times, very quaint and excellent food. The place is small and only open a few nights so it is best to call.

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            Open for lunch Wednesday through Friday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., dinner Wednesday through Saturday 4 to 9 p.m.

            Caffe Il Cipresso, 130 Middlesex Road, Tyngsboro. (978) 649-3128.

            From an article in the Lowell Sun 04/05/07 :

          2. I've read that ownership changed in Nov 2007, has anyone been since then? How was it?

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              I've been there and it was great as always.

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                the new owners a young couple spent a good bit of time with the old owner so they could copy his recipes and style. they wanted to keep it the same. it worked.
                some people did not even know it changed hands because the transition was so smooth and the food didn't change