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Apr 6, 2007 06:46 AM


Hey everyone,
I am a DC person but I recently had a fantastic meal at Pazo in Baltimore. Not everything was fantastic but out of a lot of tapas (group of 12 so lots to share) I'd get 80% of them again. And the space was beautiful. It definitely trumped many meals I've had at tapas places here. Just wanted to share- and encourage anyone heading up that way to stop by- totally worth the trip up 95.

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  1. I live in Pasadena so it wouldn't be as much of a hike for me. We actually had reservations there for Valentine's Day but had to cancel them due to the weather. Thanks for your review.

    1. My wife and I ate there sunday night with another couple. Very good. We've been impressed with the 2 Cindy Wolf restaurants we've been to so far (Pazo and Petit Louis Bistro), so we're going to Charleston to celebrate my birthday this weekend. I would recommend going with a bigger group to Pazo, so you can sample more dishes without shelling out a fortune.

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        Charleston's is by far Baltimore's best restaurant and you will just be amazed by its execution and the special attention paid to you and your guest. My first experience in Charleston's left me in tears--that's how good it was! Definitely go for the four-course selection, and don't be afraid to try new things, too. Sometimes, the menu will change daily, so be prepared, in case you already have an idea as to what you want to get. And since you're celebrating, definitely get a bottle of wine. Best of all, dessert is complimentary and doesn't count against the courses, plus they provide a little dish of treats. And, oh, how could I forget the bread selections--the best cornbread I've ever tasted! Enjoy!

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          Just got home from dinner @ the Charleston. By far the best dining experience we've ever had in Baltimore. Everything was delicious, service was attentive, just an incredible experience. Our favorites were the shellfish bisque w/ lobster and shrimp, the grilled sea scallops, and the duck breast. We also had the fried oysters, fois grois, rockfish (i think that's what my wife had), and braised short ribs. All good, but the 1st three were the best.

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            So glad you had a great time! I know of the shellfish bisque. When I first ordered it, it came out in a bowl with only the shellfish stacked in a pyramid in the center of the plate and I wondered what was up and then the server's assistant kindly poured the bisque into the bowl and it went just right up to the top. Talk about presentation!

            The last time I was there, they had braised beef short ribs and they were so tender, sliding off the bone. They had hericot verts on side and tiny fingerling potatoes, too. I've had a salad before with sea scallops and they were perfectly cooked--tender on the inside and slightly grilled on the outside.

      2. To get back to Pazo's, I second that opinion. We went there for a 21st birthday family dinner and loved it. Great atmosphere and decor. Even the music is beautiful! Ordered several portions of the bruschetta.

        1. Pazo is wonderful, altho the service can be hit-or-miss. But the food (and value) is terriffic. Better than any comparable place in DC that Ive been to (Jaleo, Zaytinya (sp?). And I go to Jaleo often.

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            I love La Tasca for tapas in Baltimore.

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              That is easily the best comment I have heard about La Tasca, altho the Sun gave it a good write-up. Can you say more? Thanks

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                We've been to La Tasca 3 times since it's opening in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The excellent service that we received while dining there the first time is what made us go a second and third time. We experienced great service, a nice atmosphere, good food, and an interesting experience.

                Francesca, our server, was very good at making suggestions to us the first time we went not only for food but for the array of sangrias they have. She was very professional and yet felt like our friend by the end of the evening. We requested her the second time we went. The third time we went we found out that she had become assistant manager so we weren't able to have her as a server but had another very nice and attentive young man. I don't remember his name though.

                Some recommendations:

                - Berenjenas fritas con queso cabrelas

                Lightly floured and deep fried eggplant with a nice creamy cheese dip.

                - any of their paellas are good = they're made fresh and take about 40 minutes to prepare so if you want one of these order it at the beginning of your meal.

                - Rape el pimenton

                monkfish seasoned lightly with paprika and grilled = I didn't like any fish before trying this dish

                - Espinacas salteadas

                sauteed spinach with garlic, raisins, and pine nuts. oooh this is SO good!! the sweetness of the raisins and the crunch of the pine nuts pairs so well with the garlicky somewhat spicy spinach

                All their desserts are pretty good.

                There's much more on their menu. My suggestions have just skimmed the surface.



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                    I hope you'll post your experience once you do. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.