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Apr 6, 2007 06:30 AM

Orange Velvet Cake?

I'm making a red velvet cake this weekend (using the Cakeman Raven recipe from I've made it before, and it's great, and always a big hit.

I'm making it for Mets Opening Day, though, and the thought occurred to me, why not an Orange Velvet Cake? Mix in some yellow food coloring with the red?

What do you all think? Would it just end up brown and ugly, or might it work? Any thoughts on how much yellow to add, or just don't mess with it?

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  1. I use to be a caterer,I think the idea is great because Red Velvet cake has coco and I am allergic to chocolate.I think I would use mostly Yellow with a very small bit of red to make it orange.If you do not delete the coco you might have a very ugly color,maybe not,but I think do not use the coco.Instead use orange flavor with maybe some lemon or orange zest,I think a little vanilla also would help flavor .Then you would have it flavored like orange and vanilla,yellow color , substatute the yellow for the red ,and add just enough red to make the orange color you want.Use the same iceing as the red velvet.I also will try it,sounds good to me.They say all good receipes start with a big mistake.Joan Dean

    1. It seems to me -- coming from a painter's perspective -- that you're more likely to end up with a brown interior as long as the cake contains cocoa powder.

      I would suggest replacing the cocoa powder with melted white chocolate and make necessary substitutions in liquids/fats to compensate. You'll get the chocolate flavor without marring the color palate, making it much easier to turn into a good orange color.

      1. From the land of the University of Tennessee where orange is a decorating statement, the substitution of orange coloring for red has been making orange velvet cakes for a long time. There's not that much cocoa in the mix and a lot of yellow comes from the egg yolks.

        1. this is going to be a thoroughly unhelpful reply, but i just wanted to add that i'm a mets fan too and i think it's a great idea!

          (also, i know you can get white hot chocolate powder, so maybe use weezycom's suggestion of white chocolate and replace the cocoa with that. don't forget to compensate if there's sugar in the white chocolate).

          good luck and let's go mets!!

          1. Thanks everyone for the thoughts. For what it's worth, this is the recipe:

            I usually up the cocoa powder to 2 tbsp. I don't know if I'll up it that much this time, but I'm hestitant to cut it out entirely, unless it will really throw the whole cake off. As I understand it, some of the red color comes from the reaction of the cocoa with the buttermilk - so I'm not sure it would be brown for that reason; it would at least be reddish.

            I suppose using as much yellow, or almost as much, as the recipe calls for red, plus whatever red the cocoa+buttermilk produces, and a couple drops of red food coloring, should do the trick.

            Of course, I could be completely wrong, so if it seems like I am please chime in. Particularly, shallots, if you could offer some more detail having done this before, I'd appreciate it greatly.

            Thanks as usual!