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Apr 6, 2007 06:30 AM

Bresca Menu/Portland

I picked up a menu on the way by the other day, looks like mostly Northern Italian, with some items not otherwise seen in town. Guancali(sp?) for example.
Anyone eaten there yet? Are first courses big enough to share?

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  1. I ate there last week and was really impressed with the food. The apps are more tapa-size, but relatively inexpensive so you can get a couple and share without completely filling you up. I wouldn't consider the menu northern italian, but the emphasis is definitely Italian with a few other Medd. cuisines thrown in (Spanish chorizo stuffed dates for example). I had the chorizo/gorgonzola stuffed dates and the pickled fennel/sweet and sour onions as apps, which were great. I also had the bucatini with guanicole (pig jowl) which was good (a little more southern Italian in style w/ red chiles and red onions) as well as butternut squash agnolotti with chix liver sauce (a great combination even if you are not a huge fan of chix liver). The frisee salad with calamari was fantastic as well as the entree of lamb chops with mint and pea risotto. Just make sure to make a reservation since the place is SO tiny and do not expect fast service since there is only one server. But overall, the food start to finish (try the desserts, the chef was the pastry chef at Marketside Grill and Fore St.) was really good and perfectly portioned. Definitely worth a try

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        If I'm not mistaken, this is the restaurant in the old Cafe Troika space on Middle St., right next to the Portland Police Station. It's the size of a postage stamp. I've heard mixed reviews - most mentioning the good food, slow service, and close quarters. I'll reserve judgment until I eat there myself, though!