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Apr 6, 2007 06:29 AM

Spartan Pizzeria - Good Enough?

I've lived in the Canton area of Baltimore for a year and I always chuckle when I see Spartan Pizzeria on Eastern Ave. in Highlandtown. The sign in the window that says "Domestic Beer: $.89 All Day Long" makes me think they don't produce high quality food, but at the same time, I think an $.89 can of beer is pretty awesome. It's become a running joke between my bf and I - any time we need to celebrate something we always talk about going to Spartan - but we've never actually been there.

Well, tonight could be the night.... Has anyone else eaten there? I'm not really expecting much, but I do want it to be clean and safe. Good pizza would be a bonus.

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  1. I think a place would have to have a dirt floor and standing water for me to pass up 89 cent cans of beer.

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    1. re: worldcupfever

      Exactly. I can't believe I haven't already been there.

    2. I've only had carryout when I used to live in Canton, the pizza was just OK. Didn't know they had a bar, scary...

      1. I live in Federal hill but work down the street from Spartan's. they don't have a bar. Its just a Pizza joint that also sells beer. their pizza is usually very good. Nothing spectacular but pretty consistent, traditional pizza (not like Matthew's or Thirsty dog or Iggie's). I seem to like the individual slices (which are only like $1.50 and huge!) better than their whole pies.