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Apr 6, 2007 04:49 AM

New Haven restaurant recs for Saturday night.

I'm supposed to pick a place to have dinner tomorrow night with a friend visiting from D.C. The problem is, we're going to meet in New Haven, and I've NEVER been there for dinner, so I'm at a loss. We would like to go somewhere with both good food and a good atmosphere - similar to what you would find in West Hartford Center. Any suggestions?

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  1. Downtown New Haven has wonderful restaurants! Some of our favorites:
    Union Leage Cafe
    Nini's Bistro
    If you are trying to duplicate the W Hartford experience, Barcelona has now opened in New Haven!

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    1. re: lsnhc

      Let me also add--
      Cafe Adullis

      I believe all 3 of these are listed on Open Table with access to menus. New Haven has great options these days.

    2. Tre Scalini in Wooster Square
      and seconding Ibiza or Cafe Adulis