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Apr 6, 2007 03:39 AM

Flavourful Eggs, please.

I've just moved to Portland and am looking for very flavourful eggs. Grocery store eggs generally taste bad or have no taste. I've tried the free range eggs from Trader Joes and also New Seasons here. The eggs were obviously very fresh (judging from the texture of the white) ... but sadly, very bland as well.

I make a lot of hollandaise, poached eggs and aioli so I'd like the best eggs I can get.

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  1. hens raised on commerical feeds will produce eggs (and flesh) that express the fact - short of finding a farmer who actually allows the hens to roam about eating bugs and such delicacies, you may have better luck with duck eggs. not only are they intensely flavored but the duck egg business has not yet reached the vast proportions of the rest of the industry and, thus, one can still find food tasting like it was intended to be.

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      Have you tried finding your local Farmer's Market? They may have, or know of someone who sells, fresh eggs.

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        Hillsdale Farmers Market, for one, has at least one booth that sells farm-fresh duck and chicken eggs. Opens in May and also April 15 I think...

      2. I agree about going to the farmers' market and trying duck eggs. The first big market of the season is this Saturday at PSU:

        1. I did some work for a guy on the outskirts of town and he had a dozen chickens kicking around. He fed them table scraps and plate scrapins. He gave me 1doz eggs. I have NEVER had anything like it since or before!!! Rich yellow yolks that stood higher than wide with the richest flavor imaginable. I would GLADLY pay $1.00 (+) per egg. Good luck on your egg-quest, I hope someone can hook us up!

          1. You could try to find a farm that will supply them through Local Harvest:
            For example, (to pick one at random) Nizich Farms offers egg shares:

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