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Apr 6, 2007 02:19 AM

Juniors Cheesecake as good as they say?

I am coming on holidays soon to NYC. All the guide books and some travel forums rave about Juniors cheesecake at Grand Central station. Is it as good as they say?


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  1. I like Junior's cheesecake (however, S&S is definitely my favorite) with these caveats: I get the straight (plain) or marble (plain/chocolate mix) with NO topping. The fruit toppings are gloppy and overly sweet and IMO detract from the basic goodness of the cheesecake.

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    1. re: Striver

      Agreed; I ONLY stick to original plain. The toppings tend to get too complicated, and often take over the flavor of a really great cheesecake...

      Good milkshakes too, if I remember correctly.

      1. re: Striver

        I also agree, the toppings are very bad. The cheesecake it fine, but nothing special. Unfortunately, I don't have another suggestion. I would say not worth a special trip, personally.

        1. re: Striver

          Totally agree -- stick with the plain, which is amazing.

        2. Junior's cheesecake is good, but the blintzes are AMAZING!

          1. Well, when I visit NY each year, I always go to Juniors because they have perfect individual cheescakes in sealed plastic containers that are absolutely perfect to take home as gifts. It seems everyone thinks of NY cheesecake so what is more perfect to bring back home for them to enjoy than that? It sure beats a snowglobe! I would definitley say to go. Besdies, you have heard about your whole life. Why pass it up?

            1. I love the plain one also but I always go to the orginal place in Bklyn. it's always worth a visit in my eyes

              1. Yes!!!! The cheesecakes are excellent...the meals are a little less tasty (and a little overpriced) but the positive in that is that you will have plenty room left to fill up on cheesecake! Haha!