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Apr 5, 2007 09:33 PM

HK-style cafes


Can anyone recommend a good Hong-Kong style cafe in the chinatown area? One with baked pork chops on rice, cold milk tea, etc...


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  1. this won't be entirely helpful, which i apologize for, but i think your search will yield limited if not non existent results. the majority of the hk population pitched their tents in richmond hill/markham/thornhill and perhaps scarborough during the years before the hand over. i watched richmond hill change from catholic italian (well i did go to a catholic school) with a handful of diversity... to majority chinese in a matter of 5 years if no even less.

    downtown chinatown rarely contains hk population unless they're just visiting from the north and i haven't seen an hk cafe ever. some places do have hk items hidden in their menu... i did however enjoy many interesting meals of hk style food while in richmond hill and have an unwarrented nostalgia for them

    1. Hong Kong Harbour Restaurant, second floor at 472 Dundas Street. The last of its kind downtown. Kim Moon used to serve pork chop rice etc., but I haven't been for a long time so not sure what the menu's like now.

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        Oh my, is that place still around? I used to frequent that place so often about 13 years ago, making the trip all the way from uptown. They had really good food back then. I remember the set meals, starting with soup, fish with creamed sauce on rice, then beef or pork chop on rice with veggies and a drink. I don't know what it's like now, but for HK style food, I usually eat at places in Scarboroug, Richmond Hill or Markham now.

      2. I believe Goldstone on Spadina south of Dundas still has baked pork chops and similar dishes. Plus they do a great ice lemon tea.

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          King's noodle beats Goldstone anytime. They also have some HK style food on their expansive menu and its actually worth eating IMO.