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Apr 5, 2007 09:14 PM

New Felafel place in Adams Morgan

Hey, have been absent on the board lately, but just wanted to let you know about a great new felafel place a friend introduced me to in Adams Morgan. Jerusalem Cafe, or Jerusalem something, right on Columbia Road just east of the intersection with 18th Street. It's the same set-up as Amsterdam Felafel (you get to add all the toppings you want from the salad/pickles bar) but it's *much* better. I was really impressed by the quality and freshness of all the fixings and the freshly fried felafel. My friend claims it's also cheaper than Amsterdam Felafel.
I am totally psyched about this addition to the neighborhood. It was really great.
Oh, they also serve schawarma and various kebab/rice plates...

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  1. That's interesting because we've tried it twice and found the falafel to be overfried and more expensive than Amsterdam.

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      Well, that makes sense because I always find felafel to be undercooked at most place. I loved how they made it at this Jerusalem place. I haven't done the price comparison myself, but as I recall it was $5.50 for a felafel sandwich there.

    2. I have been there and I don't think that their actual falafel has the best flavor. I don't think there are enough spices before frying. I think Amsterdam is better. On the topping front however, their pickles are superior to Amsterdam. Their fries remind of elementary school cafeteria fries in a very bad way.

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        Agreed - I think Amsterdam Falafel is better than this shop, and I TOTALLY got that cafeteria vibe! They use those cafeteria plastic trays... and have that cafeteria rack-think that you slide your tray into when you're done....

        Also, I was not such a fan of their hummus. I am particular with how I like mine to taste. I am sticking to Amsterdam; I would not go back to this other place.

      2. The Amsterdam website shows the following as their that everything??

        Top-it-yourself falafels in pita

        Fries (fried twice, Dutch-Style)


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            thanks, we are visiting DC and went there for lunch yesterday and had a delicious sandwich.