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Apr 5, 2007 08:48 PM

Appetizer dinner in Fells Point?

Looking for places with good, tasty appetizers in the Fells Point area for a non Spanish, tapas-type dinner. Pazo I know and like, but what others are there? Does the Indian place on Broadway have anything in this line?

Nothing dowdy or too formal: we'll be out for a fun evening!

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  1. Kali's Mezze on Thames Street???

    1. Lebanese Taverna is now open in Inner Harbor East. We had scrumptuous middle eastern "tapas" last week. The fried feta dough things were my favorite, and the falafel were also top notch. Their pita bread is perfect.

      It is right down the street from Oceanaire (towards the water).

      1. I love both Kali's Mezze and Lebanese Taverna, already mentioned.

        The service at LT seems to be a lot smoother. Mezze can be hit or miss, and the hosts tend to be overwhelmed (and lack a process) when it's busy and waits can get long. LT doesn't seem to have that problem.

        You'll have a fine meal with either place you choose.

        1. I still love Bertha's Mussels. It's an institution, but there's a reason why -- the sauces are excellent and the mussels are fresh and tasty...