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Apr 5, 2007 08:25 PM

Any recommended cooking courses?

I enjoy cooking courses for as much the social aspect as the learning...any suggestions for good courses that people have taken? I'm open to either participatory or demonstration types. The most recent one I tried was at the Ritz Carlton cooking school in Canun, I'd highly recommend it to anyone heading there.

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  1. We've done several...

    Surprisingly perhaps, the offereings by the LCBO are quite good. Living in Burlington, we've done several at the Millcroft LCBO hosted by chefs from the finest winery restaurants in Niagara, e.g. Mark Piccone formerly of Vineland Estates, Michael and Anna Olson formerly from On the Twenty, etc.

    Another good choice in Niagara is Strewn Winery. They have an all-day cooking course that is hands on. An added bonus... wine flows liberally. You many want to book a local room for the night if you choose to indulge.

    The following summarize a few of the excellent courses we've taken: Good Earth Cooking School in Beamsville; Paradiso Restaurant in Oakville, Waring Inn in Picton


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      Me and my girlfriend just did a italian cooking class today at Calphalon Culinary Centre in Toronto [url] Wasn't bad.

    2. I've not gone to this course but it does interest me..I've tried many of their products and they have been wonderful..It's an Indian cooking course!! The "Arvinda's" line of products is absolutely wonderful...I just love the Curry very fresh and fragrant!! Their courses look fabulous and hip if you will!!

      1. Donna Dooher's Cookworks next to Mildred Pierce Restaurant. Get instructions and insight from a true working pro.

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          Yup, I really enjoyed Calphalon cooking courses. I have done a few and they were excellent. It was really worth the price.

          Great chocolate classes as JS bonbons.

        2. Thanks for the great suggestions...I've tried a few LCBO courses and Loblaws (believe it or not) but never tried the Calphalon centre...have wanted to, but not seen anything of interest until the one this Friday, here's hoping I can still get in. Has anyone tried the Dish cooking classes?

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            I've tried Dish and quite enjoyed it. It wasn't a hands on course, but was suited to a smaller group (we sat at the bar/table and watched someone else cook). Calphalon is also fun. For real hand on learning, George Brown is great. And you can earn a certificate at the end of it!

          2. I did the "seafood lovers" demo on Friday night at Calphalon and really enjoyed it. It's not a hands on, which was fine for us. It's actually quite civilized, you can order wine and enjoy a casual banter with the chef as they prepare several appetizer size dishes. We had: calamari and red pepper aioli, lobster ravioli, mussels in coconut milk and lemon grass and finally stripped bass with tapenade, delicious!
            Highly recommended.

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              I went to a Cuban demo about a year ago and really enjoyed the experience. My gf has done a few courses there and she recommends the demo style courses over the ones where you actually do the cooking. Since she is quite experienced, she doesn't need to learn how to chop etc. And as she points out, it is more fun to sit back with a featured cocktail (we had momos) and taste the results. (and the demo courses are less expensive)