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Apr 5, 2007 08:11 PM

BBQ in KC - and other road food recommendations

We're heading out on a road trip in about a week. Winnipeg - New Orleans and back in two weeks! Woo Hoo!

We'll be taking the I-29 until KC, where I want to relive my BBQ enlightenment from a few years back. Last time we went to Kansas City, LC's, Bryants, and Gates (and fried chicken at Stroud's) were all visited, but the burnt ends at LCs were my favourite food of the trip. Is LC's still at the top of the game? I read a recent post that suggested the quality was a bit hit and miss these days.

Are there any suggestions for other don't-miss places further down the road? We'll probably stick to Western MO on the way down, and Eastern MO on the way back. (By the time we hit St. Louis on the way back, we may be food exhausted, but if there's anything quick and good right off the highway, I'd be interested in hearing about it.)

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  1. It's sort of a standard complaint that BBQ places are "hit or miss." Not sure why that is. If you want to try another BBQ place, I would recommend hitting a couple other big names. My favorite overall BBQ place in town is Oklahoma Joe's ( Easy access from I-35, just west of the Plaza. Excellent BBQ, including pork (which is not typically a KC thing), and very good sides.

    If you want to drop a little more coin, I've never had a bad meal at Fiorella's Jack Stack. There are a few locations here in town, but you should consider the fanciest, which is adjacent to KC's historic Union Station ( It will give you a chance to see some of the most scenic parts of KCMO. If you decide to go there, I would recommend the burnt ends -- a little different than LC's (actually, EVERYTHING there is different from LC's), but excellent. And I cannot emphasize this enough -- ORDER THE BEANS. They are cooked at the bottom of the smoker and the mix of meat drippings will make you pass out.

    1. froddard,

      Sounds like my kind of trip. I'll actually be headed up to Winnipeg in a couple of weeks...I'll wave at you when we pass.

      I had a visit to LC's in January and out of many, many stops there over the past few years, they were a bit off their game that day. But I chalked it up to luck of the draw and not some kind of change in the way they do things. Sometimes you just get the extra 'burnt' ends of the burnt ends. I'll still stop there whenever I drive through KC.

      Coincidentally, the featured restaurant today on that RoadFood web site which I'm not sure I'm allowed to specifically name is Oklahoma Joe's.

      As long as you have two weeks, why not take Highway 65 on one of your legs?

      You can have a famous Guber Burger at the Wheel Inn in Sedalia, MO before they close later this year. Or stop at Lambert's in Ozark, MO (the famous "throwed rolls" place). Or Rhoda's in Lake Village, AR (famous tamales AND pie!?! what's not to like?).

      Good luck...let us know what you find.

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      1. re: MSPD

        Hey, MSPD, we'll be the ones in the beat-up green Tercel with the cracked windshield!

        Thanks for the recommendations on 65 - we will probably be going that way. We checked out Lambert's on the last trip and it was pretty amusing.

        Do you have any more ideas about Arkansas? I posted a separate inquiry on the South board, but no responses yet.

        1. re: froddard

          It's sounds as though you may be passing through Fayetteville, Ark. If you do, make it a point to hit Hermans Ribhouse (2901 College Ave.).This is the place that Don Tyson (the chicken guy) and Sam Walton (yes, the Walmart guy) used to hang out. There is no sign or marking on the dilapidated building and you could easily pass it by a couple times without thinking that it might be the place (I did). Inside, it is like a shrine to Tyson and Walton, all kinds of memorabilia, awards and photographs. Really neat! The menu is simple, but the food is great, steaks, burgers, ribs. Fantastic friendly service, even the cook gets into the act. Do check it out.

          1. re: froddard

            Give a scan -- the recommendations for that part of the country will lead you to what you're looking for. I haven't really done too much exploring down that way. Herman's Ribhouse that dinerminer recommends sounds like a great place!

            1. re: MSPD

              BBQ--Jack Stack at the Freighthouse, LC's, Oklahoma Joe's all great reccos.

              But if it's something else you seek. Town Topic Burgers is not to be passed up. Broadway and Southwest Blvd.