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what kind of snack at 11pm

not really a "midnight snack". but what do you munch on before going to bed.

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  1. Roasted salt-free almonds and Wyman's frozen blueberries.

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        peanut butter....but on toast. just filling enough to kill all other thoughts of hunger. not too sweet and just warm enough. plus I love the way the pb gets all gooey on fresh toast.

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          I love that contrast of melting peanutbutter and crunchy toast

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            Exactly my midnight snack--whole grain toast with a thin spread of PB if I'm really hungry. Satisfies, doesn't upset my stomach or keep me awake.

        2. Actually I eat dinner around now a lot of the time. But if it were only a snack, it'd be yogurt (full fat fage comes to mind...mmm....), waffles (i like them plain), or granola.

            1. To kill off a late night sugar craving, I'll have a glass of sparkling water mixed with about an ounce of apple cider vinegar. If you're *really* imaginative, it tastes like cider.

              1. almonds, peanut butter, cottage cheese (best), beef jerky. anything slow digesting and relatively low in sugar is ideal.

                1. Half a banana and a glass of non-fat milk, sometimes warmed, to help me sleep.


                  1. Nothing beats a late-night snack like a bowl of cereal & cold milk :P

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                      I agree. My go-to late snack is always some variety of cold cereal with (preferably) cold whole milk or (if it's all we've got) non-fat.

                    2. I typically try not to eat after 8pm, but last night I had an orange at about 11:30pm. It was just enough to get the hunger pangs to subside long enough for me to fall asleep.

                      1. something that goes with the beer & tequila I am typically drinking at that hour:

                        salted peanuts
                        bbq potato chips

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                          Right on. Cold pizza is good around 11:00. A big greasy burrito tastes like heaven between 2-4am. Steak and eggs, rye toast with butter and black coffee between 4-6am is nirvana. Oh! Those were the days!!! Back to the topic at hand, cold pizza before bed is yummy. . .particularly post-cocktailing.

                        2. wow, what healthy responses. what about the not so "good" stuff

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                            Not healthy? An entire bottle of wine.

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                              Actually, though, if I'm really hungry and not just wanting a nosh, I choose something easy to digest like milk or applesauce. Lately, I've been having a wheetabix biscuit with spread made from two-thirds fat-free yogurt and one third peanut butter.

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                                for unhealthy? leftover, not quite fully chilled chicken lo mein and orange chicken

                                normally cottage cheese (FF) w/ splenda, cinnamon, and vanilla, then nuked til gooey
                                or FF total mixed with cinnamon and splenda and maybe a sprinkling of high fiber cereal

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                                    Now you're talking...About once a month, when I can't supress the craving, I'll stop on my way home from dinner and pick up a pint of Haagen Das Vanilla Swiss Almond and some whipped cream. I nuke the ice cream for 14 seconds to soften it up, serve it in a bowl and top it off with whipped cream. I usually catch the end of the news, hopefully the highlights of a Sox win, then watch Leno's monologue as I enjoy the splurge. I try to put the bowl and spood in the dishwasher before I go to bed because the calories don't count if there is no evidence of my decadent indulgence on the night stand in the morning...

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                                      No evidence - Ha Ha! That made me laugh! I gotta remember that.

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                                      The band Ricky Martin was in as a child?

                                    2. Some cheese, usually about an oz. or 2 of Amadeus, 10 or so lightly salted pistachios, half of an oatmeal raisin cookie and a glass of wine...and some reading, usually a poem or 2.

                                      1. About that time, I scream for ice cream.

                                        1. I just had some Rogue Creamery blue cheese and a small bunch of grapes...darn tasty!

                                          1. Usually nothing... but occasionally I get very hungry late at night if I didn't really eat dinner, and I'll have a piece of toast or a couple of cookies or a bowl of cereal and fruit.
                                            It's 10.30pm now and I'm eating a bowl of curry because that was all I could find in the freezer that had protein in it and was ready to eat!
                                            DH likes to have a big glass of chocolate Quik at bedtime.

                                            1. Jfood, at 1020 every night at home, has a bowl of Frosted Flakes and 1% milk. Always keep 2 boxes in the Costco room just in case.

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                                                "the Costco room"? i love this phrase!

                                              2. A few nibbles come to mind: plain Balkan style yogurt with Persian yogurt seasonings, a drizzle of honey and maybe a drop or two of vanilla extract mixed in; whole wheat toast with unsalted butter; dry cereal with milk; a kosher pickle or two; a piece of whatever cheese happens to be in the fridge ...

                                                1. A a slice or 2 of salami, a few olives and a chunk of good cheese. Maybe a cracker or two. And dried apricots if I have them. It takes care of the salty and the sweet cravings. And not totally in the realm of junk food !

                                                  1. cocoa made w/Penzey's mix or hot milk w/a drop of vanilla or almond extract

                                                    1. Plain Wallaby or Fage or Woodstock yogurt with either granola or fresh fruit and walnuts (apple most of the time.) The minerals keep my legs from cramping in the middle of the night, and dairy also makes me somewhat sleepy. Yogurt works better than a glass of milk, b/c milk sometimes congests the schnoz, which is not so helpful for a good night's sleep!

                                                      1. I tend to eat a late dinner frequently, so it isn't unheard of for me to actually be eating dinner at 11pm. If I'm snacking at that point, it'll usually be one of the following:

                                                        -Cereal and milk (I keep a number of types around, varying in junkiness from Cheerios to Cocoa Puffs);
                                                        -Peanuts in the shell (I get the big Costco bags of these);
                                                        -Cottage Cheese (if I have it I might eat it with pineapple, but usually just a bit of pepper, which goes well with it for some reason);
                                                        -Saltine crackers and a really cold glass of water with no ice (the minimalist approach);
                                                        -Ice Cream (not too often, but if I have it around I might do this.)

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                                                          1) popcorn popped in olive oil with olive oil, salt, and a pinch of sugar drizzled on it
                                                          2) milk warmed with a generous spoon of sugar, then a pinch of garam masala just before it scalds
                                                          3) a two inch square of 72% cocoa dark chocolate
                                                          4) handful of raw roasted almonds stuffed into mission figs or dried apricots
                                                          5) tortilla chips with thin shavings of cheddar cheese
                                                          These are a few of my favorite things...

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                                                            i hate to eat before bed just because i'm never hungry then, but i'm trying to keep up my weight so i have been fixing mysself a glass of milk with cocoa and almond paste mixed in to try to boost my calories it very nice ;-)

                                                        2. Mmm
                                                          Peanutbutter & Nutella.
                                                          No bread, just with a spoon.

                                                          1. Cornflakes, and if I have them, with bananas =D!

                                                            1. For me it's a 9:00 snack, because I'm usually sound asleep by 11:00, but 'typically it's a glass of red wine and some almonds or maybe popcorn (yes, with the wine). I almost never eat sweets at night.

                                                              1. last night.....
                                                                Rosemary and sea salt artisan crisps followed by some Medjool dates!

                                                                1. Either heat up left over rice and eat with left-overs or a sandwich of any type.

                                                                  1. Handful of peanuts
                                                                    Hot tea and 2 bites of cold leftovers from dinner
                                                                    Pita Chips dragged through vegetable cream cheese or hummus
                                                                    2 Cookies (one for each hand)
                                                                    I try to be in bed by then, but if I'm up and feeling like a smattering of something, it's got to be something that does not require any effort. I highly doubt I would flitter around the kitchen in my jimmys to make popcorn at 11pm. Then I've got a pot to wash!!

                                                                    1. Something with milk, usually a chocolate mint cookie or a bowl of cereal. If I don't, I'm up until 3 a.m. and have to go to the kitchen before I can get back to sleep.

                                                                      1. these days i am cobbling a dinner together at the 10-12 time frame.
                                                                        for the past few nights, i have thrown together some chopped rotisserie chicken, croutons, baby greens, chopped grape tomatoes and baby bellas with various dressings.

                                                                        but my favorite late night snack is something i can no longer eat because of gastro probs:
                                                                        freshly popped corn (not nuked) drizzled with toasted sesame seed oil, furikake, bragg's and nutritional yeast.
                                                                        if i had no toasted sesame seed oil i would use butter because, really, butter on popped corn is just meant to be.

                                                                        1. It's funny, I never feel the need to *chew* anything as a bedtime snack, but love a glass of buttermilk or kefir. It's just so soothing and sleepy-timey.


                                                                          1. Peanut butter Capn Crunch with soy milk. So perfect. Or toast with almond butter and tea, <3

                                                                            Oh! Or some good olives and Triscuits with a Gin and Tonic. That's NICE.

                                                                            1. Just had a nice apple. Usually at this time I'd be having some yogurt, with a little cereal on top (well, what I intend to be "a little" usually ends up being most of the bowl, but hey...)

                                                                              I would kill for some hot chocolate with Kahlua right about now.

                                                                                1. Cornichons. I always have a carton of them in the fridge. But if it's a sweet craving, banana, PB and honey slightly warmed in the microwave.

                                                                                  1. I like a spoonful (or two) of leftovers. I just grab whatever's there. If there aren't any leftovers, some cheese is also good.

                                                                                    1. Anything nutty or cheesy: Peanut butter and pretzels or crackers. Peanuts in the shell ( bit messy to eat in bed while watching TV, but I've done it), trail mix, granola bars, cheese and crackers, and yes, cold pizza for sure. Every now and then cold cereal and soy milk, popcorn or a bunch of dried figs.

                                                                                      1. A fresh orange or tangerine
                                                                                        Cup of jasmine tea
                                                                                        Maybe an apple with honey
                                                                                        but typically if I eat anything that late it's to help me get restful; not keep me awake.

                                                                                        1. I like the whole grain and fruit bars (like a fig newton) that I get from an online company as a snack at night. Just one is enough! A little fruit, some whole grain, it's very satisfying.

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                                                                                          1. an ENTIRE JAR of PEANUT BUTTER
                                                                                            om nom nom

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                                                                                              Cheese, and god forbid, a bite right out of a cold piece of pizza!

                                                                                            2. Usually one of the following along with a BIG mug of Herbal Berry Tea:

                                                                                              (while my kettle boils the hot water for my tea) Spoonfull of almond butter (while my kettle boils the hot water for my tea) on a graham cracker, 1/3 cup of cottage cheese with fresh ground black pepper, 1/2 cup whole grain cereal with milk, A glass of Vanilla Soy Milk (Warm or cold), 1/4 cup oats with a little milk and crushed walnuts. The key is to eat slow, and sip on the tea between every 1-2 bites and you will be satisfied for sure!