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Apr 5, 2007 07:45 PM

Good Chinese Beef Stew Over Rice

Does anyone know of a place that serves really good Chinese beef stew over rice? There used to be a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant on Grand Street between Bowery and Christie St. called, "Hung Hing Coffee Shop" and they served the best beef stew ever. Unfortunately, they shut down many years back and I have not been able to find beef stew of that caliber eversince. The beef stew they serve is extremely tender (falls apart soft) and the flavorful gravy that resulted from it was so yummy over rice. Oh, how I miss it. Please help!

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  1. Start with Wonton Garden, great flavor with just enough fat. If youre looking for the ones with radish but can over look the flavor and tenderness of the beef then give Yogee Noodles shot. Most of the shanghai restaurants in chinatown have have decent beef stew over rice.

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      Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely give Wonton Garden a try. I'll pass on Yogee Noodles though. I really don't like radish with my beef stew. I believe that's the type that is served with noodles in soup too right? I think the radish and soup dilutes the flavor of the beef and it's usually not as tender... Yes, must be fall off the fork tender.

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        I second the beef stew at Wonton Garden. It's got pretty good balance in flavor. One of the better Cantonese style beef stew I've had in Chinatown.