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Apr 5, 2007 07:12 PM

Need breakfast recommendations - North Scottsdale

Meeting some friends for breakfast on Saturday - any suggestions for a good breakfast in No. Scottsdale? Thanks.

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  1. How far North in Scottsdale?
    There is always Chompies on Shea and 92nd Street. Kashmans on Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale Rd,
    The Hyatt Gainey Ranch does a great breakfast buffet @ the Squash Blossom which is quite reasonable on Saturdays or a nice breakfast menu...w/ southwestern fare.....
    get the sopapillas...and sit on the's really lovely!

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      I'll put in my recommendation for The Good Egg in the Terravita Marketplace stripmall (corner of Carefree HWY and Scottsdale RD). I took my 5 girlfriends there last weekend. Even the pickiest eater could find something to eat. Usually, when we get together, we're lucky if we get out for breafast one morning - this time, everyone wanted to go back to TGE every morning. Quite a feat for us.

      Up in Cave Creek, there's the Oaks Diner (aka Flapjacks). Basic breakfast fare.

    2. We really like JP Pancakes at Mountain View and Hayden. They have some great cinnamon French toast, although since they changed their menu a bit, you need to ask for the cinnamon. :) They have pretty good pancakes as well. The staff is very friendly, and if Rachel is working, it can get very amusing.

      1. I recommend carefree station in the spanish village of carefree, just north of the boulders. They server all you can drink champagne and some pretty tasty southwestern items like Chillaquiles and Huevos Rancheros. Now they arent the most authentic, but they are cheap and after a couple of glasses of champagne it sure is delicious.