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Apr 5, 2007 07:11 PM

Spent four days in Asheville

We just visited Asheville for four days from the DC area. Despite all the great sounding restaurants, picking was a little tricky with three kids (ages 12,8,5) and one of us with gluten intolerance. We wanted to eat local and avoid chicken fingers. Luckily, online menus and Chowhounds made picking easier.

We really liked eating at the Sunny Point Cafe, in West Asheville. They seemed to have a bigger breakfast selection than the other breakfast placed in town. They have a large number of interesting choices for omlette fillings, and the omlette was *great*. We also really enjoyed the grits/shrimp/roasted tomatoes dish. They have a good kids menu (yogurt and fruit, for example), plus regular menu items kids like such as a cream cheese and jam french toast sandwich. And...oh yes...*real* maple syrup on the tables.

We also really like 12 Bones Smokehouse, on Riverside Drive. It seemed to have gotten lukewarm reviews on Chowhounds, but when we got there at noon the line was snaking out the door. Guy in front of us said it was always like that - even in the rain. We have a full rack of brown sugar ribs (they have four other flavors that vary day by day), pulled pork, corn pudding plus other sides, and sweet tea - what could be better? Only wished we had gotten another half rack.

Ate at the Laughing Seed for lunch one day. Food is a little much for our kids, *but* the day was saved with grilled cheese sandwiches on high-quality bread that they all liked - leaving us to order whatever we wanted.


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  1. glad you enjoyed your trip to Asheville! I love 12 bones, but don't think it gets the respect it deserves in asheville (we have BBQ issues); Hope you can come back some time and try some of the other great restaurants!

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      I'll second that Beth, If you're looking for good BBQ 12 Bones is the best and I'm a huge fan of Sunnypoint (best breakfast in town). Glad your family had a good time.

      1. re: catsailor

        As a West Asheville resident, Sunny Point and 12 Bones are 2 of my favorites! I had 12 Bones for lunch today with my mom and brother from out of town, and everyone loved it. I just wish they were open on weekends!!! Sunny Point is well worth the wait for brunch (we've actually eaten on the lawn before) and we have friends who visit us often from Charleston who insist on eating brunch there every visit. Their dinner is also delicious, the menu is a little limited, but there's usually a great special. A little more expensive than what we usually spend, but great for a special occasion.

        1. re: sarahyla

          Look... you have to admit - 12 Bones is NOT North Carolina BBQ. It is Texas BBQ.. in fact, smoked Texas BBQ and while I hate Texas it is the BEST BBQ in North Carolina!!! Tom & Sabra know what they are doing with the meat and the sides... Go there!!! Enjoy.

          1. re: jberryl

            best in nc is going a bit too far. definitely the best i've had in asheville.

            i'm not sure about categorizing it as texas q. my understanding of texas q is the focus is on beef (brisket, beef ribs, etc) and sausage, although pork has been making inroads. also, i believe that in texas, the rub is more important than the sauce.

            12 bones serves up mainly pork, which, to me, is classic southern q. smoke & seasoning equally important, and sauce is more critical. i agree that it is not classic nc q.

            what's your rational for calling it texas style?

            1. re: mark

              Why that would be because of Tom. And brisket is on the menu .. and because of the wonderful use of wood and smoke. I tell you what... ask Tom what he thinks... he owns the place.

              1. re: jberryl

                they may serve brisket, but that's not their focus (unless things have changed since my last visit, which are admittedly too few due to their limited hours). pork seems to be the focus. most places in texas offer other meats, but beef is till the biggie.

                i don't get the "...use of wood and smoke..." as being exemplary of texas. classic southern q is cooked long and slow over a pure wood fire, usually hickory. that's not to say that there aren't plenty of places using electric "smokers" around here, but the same can be said of texas.

                not trying to be argumentative, just trying to suss out your reasoning...