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Apr 5, 2007 07:00 PM

Taste Wine Dinner Review (Burlington, VT)

We attended the early (6:00) seating at Taste tonight and departed as the 7:30 seating was getting started. Here is a recap.

The evening started off with Kumamoto Oysters presented with a side of Osetra Caviar perched atop a fingerling potato round. The beverage choice was either Vermont Gold Vodka or Moletto Prosecco. We opted for the vodka and were off !

Next stop, duck consomme with carrot coriander creme accompanied by 2005 Branchetto Anthos. Intersting wine that remonded me of wine made by my friend's fathers from Italy (had a nose reminiscient of Dolcetto / Mostcato ) . Overall, a good match (would have loved some duck confit in my consomme !)

Sald anyone ? A nice mix of mache, pea shoots, and greens with a side of Manchego cheese and grapes (along with a gooseberry). The selected wine was a Mud House Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand that was very well paired.

Next came a seared veal tenderloin with beet and white truffle puree. This was a delicious piece of meat and was nicely complimented by a 2004 Rodney Strong Zinfandel.

To me the highlight of the night was the Sake and Miso glazed Black Cod in a pool of Coconut stew with Baby Bok Choy. The pairing here was a 2005 Chateau Ste. Michelle Chard that picked up nicely on the nuances of the coconut broth. Excellent !

Almost done........................

The entree featured a lamb chop that was spiced with coffee (very subtle according to my tastebuds) and finished with tableside presentation of a coffee vanilla demi. Perfectly cooked medium rare, tha lamb was paired with a 2004 Phillippe Colin Pinot Noir, a very nice match.

To wrap things up, a candied pixie tangerine filled with a light lemon mousse and sided with a raspberry coulis along with a Vin Santo.

We wrapped the night up with a Meulenhof Riesling (a deleted wine from the original menu that was sent by the owner along with some chocolates).

Taste seems to have their engine clicking on all cylinders: ambiance, service, presentation, aroma, plating, flavor, passion, and pride (eight cylinders, this is America !).

Best of luck on future events !

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  1. WOW! Very thorough TonyO! I really can't add to that review- I was at the 7:30pm seating and agree with you 100%. I'm a big fan of Taste - Been probably 6 or 8 times in the last year or so. I went with my mom and a friend of hers and we were just blown away- Last night was one of the finest dining experiences I've ever had- period. They really nailed it. I'm happy to see them have such a happy and supportive clientèle.
    The chef and executive chef both came out and met the guests- It was obvious how much they enjoy what they do- Lots of enthusiasm- The whole staff is quite charming- As we were on our way out, they were all smiles with lots of hugs for each other near the bar. Looks like a tight group.
    I second the black cod as being the highlight of the night! The wines were all so well paired- Veal tenderloin just melted in my mouth. Loved the presentation of the oysters and caviar in the ice filled martini glasses! I
    I took a few photos of some of the dishes that I will try to post later from home.
    Congrats to Taste! Well done.

    Might I add that we loved the music! Dinah Washington, Diana Krall, jazz versions of classic 60s tunes and especially the string quartet versions of Led Zepplin and I think, Bob Dylan songs- Unique!

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      Stopped in for a quick wine before the Guys and Dolls show last Thursday and tried the Meulenhof reisling- Delicious! Thanks for the heads up TO! The bartender sent a couple of chocolate covered strawberries with it- very nice!

      1. re: OCatswell

        It's amazing how few restaurants take the time to do the "little things" like that. I'm glad you liked the Meulenhof, it is an excellent wine. Next time try the Brachetto, especially with a light salad. Like liquid strawberries !