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Apr 5, 2007 06:50 PM

What's open in Sorrento on 1st May? Does the Holiday

effect the schedules for ferries, store openings and sights? What restaurants are open that day?

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  1. I would assume nothing will be open. It is a national holiday. Transportation will run though...Since this is a tourist town, maybe some restaurants will be open? Hard to say. Labor day is Labor day!

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    1. re: Campania

      Do the ferries run on Labor day? Are Pompaii ruins open? Any good walks you could recomend? Thanks

      1. re: sandrarose

        Pompeii is closed on May 1. Trust that there will be some eateries open. there always are, especially in tourist towns, even on holidays like Christmas.There may well be Italians who go to Sorrento for this holiday. the Sunflower guide is very good for walks in the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast area, Im sure you will find plenty of good food and other things to enjoy.

        1. re: sandrarose

          There is a walk up to the cemetery in Amalfi. Steep though, but great exercise. Also, on Capri there are a few historical sites you can walk up to being 2500 years old. Those are nice. Also, you could take the Grotto tour around the island, they may be working? Check to see if Paestum is open. You would take the boat to Salerno and then a bus to Paestum, but ask first.

      2. We will be in Sorrento on April 25, which is also a national holiday (Liberation Day); I wonder if the situation will be the same then as on May 1?

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        1. re: zorra

          Yep! This is the day the Italians were freed from Facism. Big day.

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            people always overplay the holiday closing thing in Italy. Yes there are some closures, but there is always something open, italians like to go out and eat too when they are on vacation, and major attractions post their closing days, just check the schedules feriali/festivi of the transport lines, check check check you will be fine.