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Apr 5, 2007 06:32 PM

? Best dinner in NY

I know, a loaded and broad question. Coming in from Portland, OR, celebrating our 10 yr anniversary. Want to have an outstanding meal, one with amazing flavor, creativity and presentation and great service. Something we can brag to our friends in the NW about! We have great seafood/fish here in the NW and some real great restaurants, so I am looking for a dining experience that we are unlikely to find here. We are only in town Sun. night thru Wed. morning so have to make the best of our dining time!

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  1. I tend to not like places that are austere and fussy, I prefer rustic & comfy. So my favorite overall dining experience over the past few years was a dinner at Lupa - that'd be my recommendation if Italian is on your radar.

    1. If you like creative and great food, WD-50! DIshes there are inventive yet very delicious. You can go to their website to view the menu and pictures of some of the dishes. I haven't been to Portland so I am not sure it is hard to find there, but in terms of "inventive" and creative dishes, I think WD-50 definitely ranks the highest in NYC.

      Eleven Madison Park is my favorite for fine-dining. It is less inventive than WD-50, yet the dishes are creative in the sense of flavor or ingredient combination. Food and service are both excellent, and all my visits there have been nothing less than perfect.

      1. My favorite restaurants for truly outstanding dinners are: Aureole, Bouley, Danube and Eleven Madison Park.

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          le bernadin
          gramercy tavern

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