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Good coffee in UWS and Chelsea


Coming from Sydney Australia for a month in May. Unfortunately we cannot function without a good espresso/cappucino in the mornings.

We are not big fans of chain coffee eg Starbucks (however I did become a fan of their hot chocs whilst I was pregnant).

Where can we get a good coffee in the UWS, Chelsea, or indeed anywhere in NYC around the touristy spots.

I would really appreciate some advice.


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  1. Cupcake Café in Midtown West is my choice for cappuccino.

    1. If you are in the West Village be sure and try Jack's Stir Brew Coffee.


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        Second Jack's. They're really nice too.

      2. Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea for lattes.

        1. Murray's Bagels on 8th ave between 23rd and 22nd streets usually (85% of the time) has good, strong coffee. They always have good bagels, though.

          1. New York tends to be more of a regular old drip coffee town, but the NY Times recently did a run down of espresso in NYC:

            And add Joe to the list, too, with their 3 locations below 14th street (although one is in a designy store in Soho):

            I've also heard good things about 9th Street Espresso [700 East Ninth Street at Ave C] and the aforementioned Cafe Grumpy. There's one in Brooklyn, too.

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              I LOVE 9th Street Espresso! But I went to the location on 13th Street, which isn't exactly Chelsea.


            2. Zibetto, 56th and 6th.
              Sicaffe, 70th and Lex.

              1. As a Chelsea resident, there is only one place for a truly great cup of coffee. Le Bergamote has the best coffee in the area. It is also one of the best French French Bakery in the city. HIghly recommended.

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                  They all look great, any more recommendations for the UWS around 81st St?

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                    The belgian chain le Pain Quotidienne is good and reliable, if you sit down their lattes in a bowl are nice and foamy. There's one on 84th. Also Oren's Daily Roast is a good pit stop, do a search and you'll find the locations, I'm pretty sure there's one on the UWS.

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                    I second Le Bergamote on the coffee.

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                      Perhaps a bit cliche, but I am a sucker for the hungarian pastry shop at 114 and amsterdam. Great place to sit a read morning paper. Maybe a little out of your way; it is still UWS in my eyes...