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Apr 5, 2007 06:07 PM

Special birthday dinner in Paris

Celebrating my honey's 60th birthday in Paris in November. We are foodies from NYC. We are looking for a fabulous, hip, restaurant for a special birthday dinner with 10 of our friends in Paris. Nothing stuffy. Budget is not an issue. Suggestions, please.

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  1. 'Le Cinq' - Great food, good ambience and fantastic service. One of, if not my most favourite Michelin 3 stars in Paris.

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      I agree about Le Cinq. Wonderful food, decor and service. The chef used to be the chef at Taillevent.

    2. It all depends upon what you like to eat. I'd take everyone to La Cagouille for the great fish and seafood, fabulous wines and the best Cognacs to end the night with...

      1. Senderens @ the lucas carton.

        1. We have had a couple of wonderful meals at Vin sur Vin. It is a small place so maybe you would have the place for the evening. Each table is decorated differently which makes it almost like eating in someone's home. We once had an asparagus and morel soup there that was amazing-a layer of fresh morel cream topped with an asparagus veloute-the instructions were to dip the spoon through each layer.