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Apr 5, 2007 06:04 PM

Fancy Dinner

Hi! I was hoping you guys could help me out with some suggestions for a fancy dinner out with my boyfriend. I want to treat him out as a celebration for his new job, however we are both still in school and as such, a bit short on cash. I want something in the price range of 100$ for both of us including drinks, tax and tip. Is this possible? I dont want to do a BYOW since we go to those alot. Im thinking something a bit more upscale than what we are normally used to. Any type of cuisine goes: Italian, French, contemporary, fusion etc. However I would like to stay away from any greek, asian restos. What do you guys think about Cavalli? and Garcon? Are they wayy out of my range? I wouldnt mind going over 10-15$ above my budget. Any help would be appreciated!!

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  1. You should go to Pintxo. They have a format that is $28 - you get four pintxos, chef's choice and then a choice of one of the main plates. Ask the sommelier to find you a bottle around $40. The food is excellent and the ambiance lovely. It was voted 6th best resto in Canada this year for a reason. You might but your budget by $15 but it's worth it. You other option is just to eat pintxos (they are smaller than tapas) and I think the most expensive is $6, so you can make a long meal of many plates if you like as well and still be within your budget.

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      I agree with this suggestion. Pintxo provides great bang for the buck. Wine can be done closer to the $30 mark: a simple Rueda makes a good accompaniment to most of the pintxos. IIRC they have several between $30-35.

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        You just have to tell the sommelier (Ignatio) and he will find you a gem at whatever price point.

    2. Bistrot a Justine
      1268, avenue Van Horne
      you can easy pull it off , 100$ for both

      1. Since you asked, both Cavalli and Garçon are out of your range unless you have only mains and tap water and share a dessert. In my opinion, scrounge up for the best bottle of wine you can afford and go to La Colombe, which is bring-your-own. The food is table-d'hôte, and delicious.