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Apr 5, 2007 06:02 PM


Is there anywhere in the city or suburbs that makes this unique dish? I have a serious craving lately.


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  1. I Googled poutine. Have you ever seen it on a menu in the U.S.? Just curious. I think you need to zip up to Montreal to satisfy your craving. It certainly sounds unique, a French Canadian cheese fries.

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    1. re: myra

      You can get it in select spots in New England. I have had it here in Boston, although I think they used mozzerella instead of real cheese curds. I have also had it in Vermont.

      However, if you are looking for an excuse to go to Montreal, this is just as good as any!

      1. re: myra

        Poutine is spreading like a cheesy fungus across the Lower 48.

        It's on the menu at two places, at least, here in Milwaukee.

        The Red Dot:

        And the Cafe Hollander:

      2. Now that's an interesting craving... I have never seen poutine outside of Quebec. However, there are quite a few places along the northern PA/NY border that sell homemade cheese curd that seems similar to what you get in poutine. I don't know any specific places, but just remember picking it up while on trips in the Potter/Tioga vicinity.

        1. If you search for "poutine" on these boards you will find numerous threads that deal with this Quebecois specialty. The bottom line seems to be that no one makes poutine like les Quebecois. There are at least two places in New York City that serve it but opinions about quality are all over the map.

          I'm afraid I cannot help you with poutine in Philadelphia but Kafe Kabul, which is part of Rat's Restaurant in Hamilton, NJ (near Trenton) shows poutine on its menu. The fact that they misspell it as 'poutines', however, is not a particularly reassuring sign!

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            I just moved to Philly from Toronto, so my poutine obsession runs pretty deep, and I will say that Pommes Frites in NYC has some of the best--the curds and gravy come from Montreal, and for a real Canadian treat, they carry Remia frites sauce and curry ketchup!!!


            1. re: thebeavises

              Canadjan, eh? Welcome to the Knighted States. LOL, LOL.

              I moved to New Jersey from Montreal and I agree with you completely about Pommes Frites in NYC. I think their poutine is pretty close to the real thing but others disagree, saying that it does not come close to the poutine in La Belle Province.

              The other place I know of in New York that serves poutine is The Inn LW12, a recently opened gastropub that claims to be a Canadian/British place (??). I have not been, so cannot comment on the poutine.

              If you find a a Philly place that offers poutine, let us know! I'm closer to Philadelphia than New York.

              1. re: ambrose

                Hmmm...I have not heard of this place, but MUST go!!! In the mean time, I will keep my eyes open for poutine here in Philly.

                1. re: thebeavises

                  You can often get nice fresh cheese curds from Amish stands at various farmer's markets. God bless the Internet, though, 'cause you can order them from Wisconsin pretty cheap during the winter months and they last a LONG time in the fridge. There are a number of Canuck sites that will sell you Poutine gravy (and the best comes from a can.) You can also get St. Hubert powder, but it's not as good. Will do in a pinch, though.

                  Sometimes I find P.E.I. potatoes in my local supermarket. I's still like to know what kind of potato cutter they use in Montreal to get those short, stubby picket-fence shaped frites.

                  Philly is a PERFECT venue for this treat though. Anyone know anyone in the restaurant biz that wants to start a new trend ?? Maybe one of the Belgian joints (who have a good start already, or maybe a place like Good Dog or Standard Tap ??)

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