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Apr 5, 2007 05:56 PM

Spring Lake, NJ

Planning on a brief trip to Spring Lake in early June. Any recommendations for restaurants in the immediate area (can be upscale, no matter) and perhaps a bar where they might serve local microbrews (I know NJ has a few). Thanx!

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  1. You could try Piancone's in Bradley Beach and for a burger type place go to the Porch in Spring Lake.

    1. Psych, post this request in Mid-Atlantic so more NJ CH's see it!
      Lots of great suggestions in Mid-A Board

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        Mods, thank you for moving this question to Mid-A from Tri-S

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          Thanks for redirecting me to the right area (I wasn't sure where the border was). I learned of a place called the Island Palm, which supposedly has a chef who worked under Bobby Flay at Mesa Grill. Anyone have any comments on this place?

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            Happy to help, Psychobabble.

            I second timmy's rec for Piancone's in Bradley Beach. The swordfish at Whispers/Spring Lake was delicious last time I was there. The Mill @ Spring Lake for Sunday brunch is also nice, very fresh buffet.

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     I've heard it's good, but I haven't been there, I have been to Whisper's and liked it alot......

        2. Psych
          - For upscale try the Mahagony Grill in Manasquan or Whispers and The Black Trumpet, both right in Spring Lake. Never been to either (I frequent more Northern monmouth county estb.) but I know they are popular places for upscale dining in the local area.
          As far as local brews go I'm not quiet sure about that but there are many, many Irish type pubs and bars in Spring Lake and neighboring Sea Girt, Manasquan and Brielle. All right on or just off of Rt. 71 I would try Ron's or O'Neills (O'neills also surpinsingly has good sushi!) Good Luck!

          1. In Spring lake, I really enjoy the Black Trumpet. (BYOB) Also nice after dinner, you can go for a stroll on the boardwalk. Very quaint.

            For a microbrewery, go to Red Bank and go to Basil T's. (the pasta is homemade there and very good.)

            Have a great time!!

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              Angelina, going off topic here but coincidentally, I was just about to post about the bad fresh pasta I had at Basil T's on Saturday night. See post.

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                Have to agree w/fershore on this one. Basil T's has changed and I was very disappointed in my last two visits there for pasta. The beer selection is always fun to taste test!

            2. A fun, new place is St. Stephen's Green on RT. 71. It is an Irish Pub and although not a micorbrewery, it does have interesting Irish imports and irish Food. Located in the old Eggeman's.

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                Hey SusieQQ,

                have you eaten in St. Stephen's Green? What type of Irish food does it serve, and how about seafood? sounds good.