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Apr 5, 2007 05:54 PM

Free Birthday Meal?

My husband and I are going to Henesseys Tavern in Redondo tonight so he can get his free birthday meal. While the cheese fries are good with a black and tan, it's not my favorite place for dining. But it got me wondering if there are other establishments that offer the same freebie for the b-day. Does this even count as a chowhound topic? I guess I would drive across town for a free meal. I figured this would be the group who would know. Thanks!

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  1. So funny that you should post this today ... I was at lunch today with a group of gals from work and we noticed that on the menu of the restaurant they say your b-day meal is free. We started to discuss where else offers that little perk and only Denny's came to mind.

    We were at La Capilla Mexican Restaurant in Old Town Torrance. The menu said that your b-day meal includes an entree and dessert. The folks I was with love that place, but since I'm from Texas I can only say that I've had better. it is a little old and dark for my tastes, but feels pretty authentic. The wait staff is attentive and dress in Mexican attire. It reminds me of some of the places over by Olvera Street, downtown.

    I hope to see some other posts ... fun topic! :)

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      My wife used to love dropping in at Denny's at some point on the day of her birthday. She was so mad that this perk way has gone away. (To tell the truth, I would do the same thing and get a steak with fried scrimp.) Good post, we'll drive a long way for a "free" meal!

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        Didn't know the perk was pulled. Must have been the multiple meals...i.e., kids in the late teens and twenties who would visit 3-4 different Denny's in one day...just because they could and because it was free.

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          Denny's FREE GRAND SLAM BREAKFAST is still going strong. How am I so sure? Well, for one, it's on their website. For two, it was my birthday yesterday, and Denny's not only treated me to a free Grand Slam, they also brought me a complimentary ice cream and sang me "Happy Bir'day". All I had to do was show my id. It was great!

      2. Todai (will give you a gift certificate for free dinner next time), but you would have to drag me in there kicking and screaming...

        BJs gives you a free pizzokie

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            I don't know the exact spelling, but it's BJ's special dessert. It's a cookie baked in a pizza tin. They have 4 different kinds of cookies: oreo, chocolate chip, macademian nut and another kind. It comes out warm and freshly baked with two scoops of ice cream on top. Very yummy!

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              I was afraid it was going to be some new gut bomb from Okie Dog. Whew! (g)

          2. not really a meal, but at Calfornia Adventure, in the tortilla factory, you get a free pkg of tortillas

            1. Every year during the month of my birthday, I get a letter from Vermont Restaurant, offering a free entree. I think it's something you have to sign up for in advance, though, so you are in their database and on their mailing list.


              1. Pancho's in Manhattan Beach has a free birthday meal. The down side is having a giant sombrero placed on your head. I love their chile rellenos.

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                  YUM! Pizzookies at BJ's Brewery, I get one every birthday, which reminds me in 2 weeks I will have to head over there ;.)