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You're Making Pizza-What's on it?

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Our house pizza is grilled, with caramelized balsamic onions, black olives, rosemary, fresh mozzarella, and prosciutto. The prosciutto gets a little of the grill before it goes on the pizza. No tomato sauce, just a drizzle of olive oil.
How do you make pizza?

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  1. Oh gosh, I am so boring when it comes to pizza.

    Homemade tomato sauce, drizzle of olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh basil and a mixture of mozzarella and monterey jack cheese.

    1. Olive oil and fresh garlic with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, kalmata olives and fresh tomatoes. No mozzarella. Gosh now you have me dreaming about pizza. It's just not the same on matzah.

      1. the last two I made were simple but delicious. 1) tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and chopped arugula, and 2) pesto, fresh mozzarella and grilled shiitake .

        1. Brushing of tomato sauce, bit of cheese, sliced olives, basil--with or without anchovies.

          1. Fresh tomato (or stewed tomato, large chunks)
            Fresh Basil
            Fresh cheese or two (mozz, fresh chevre, ricotta...)
            Perhaps a salume of some sort
            Roasted garlic if I've thought about it.

            1. I've done two recently.
              A spinach and feta pizza that was just Olive Oil, Garlic, Baby Spinach, and Feta Cheese. The second was a bbq chicken pizza, some would argue not really pizza, but it had grilled chicken, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and monterey jack cheese atop a thin layer of our fave bbq sauce.

              1. My favorite all time pizza is one of California Pizza's classics, which I now make at home here in Massachusetts.
                thick crust
                garlic white sauce
                green/red bell peppers
                grilled chicken
                fresh mozzerella
                This is a great combination!

                1. I make one very similar to yours JCap. The only difference is that instead of the black olives I add fresh figs (when in season).

                  1. OK, I've never made this, but the horror of it all has me curious. I was looking around for Polish recipes and came across sauerkraut pizza.

                    Sausage, onion, mozzarella, pizza sauce, tomatoes, sauerkraut, Parmesan cheese ... with a picture too.

                    pizza sauce, sauerkraut, kielbasa, onion, bell pepper, black olives, Mozzarella

                    One place had these toppings: garlic cheddar mashed potatoes, kielbasa, roasted red onions, sauerkraut, Cojack, black pepper and mustard,

                    This is sort of similar and says adding chopped cabbage is optional

                    The only one that didn't horrify me, but kind of calls out is this recipe ... mainly because of the caraway seeds ... and NO tomato sauce ... I mean sauerkraut and tomato sauce ... yikes.
                    onions, bacon, sauerkraut, caraway seed, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, kielbasa, parsley

                    You know, there is actually a REAL Polish pizza called zapiekanki. Who knew?

                    It is a baguette with pizza toppings ... sort of ... it involves catsup (keczup) and/or garlic sauce with those mushrooms and cheese.

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                      Mr worange, I find pizzas around the world to be a fascinating (almost horror) thing. I love sauerkraut and find your strange but true offerings poentially better than many pizzas I've encountered around the globe.

                    2. Since I'm not really a big pizza fan, it takes something kind of "different" to get me interested in making pizza. We do have a few standby's though that I love:

                      - Kimchi pizza (saute kimchi briefly, add a tiny bit of gochujang and malt syrup (mulyeot). )

                      - Arugula tossed in a little bit of balsamic dressing, with grated parmesan and pine nuts (anchovies optional) (Don't know if this counts as pizza, it's just toppings on a baked crust)

                      - The grape & gorgonzola pizza on epicurious is nice (Gourmet 9/06)

                      - Indian pizza: curry yogurt sauce, green onions, cheese (inspired by Zante's in SF: "Best Place To Order Food If One of Your Friends Wants Indian Food and Another Wants Pizza")

                      1. hi JCap I suggest you check this out...I learned all about new toppings too lol ;)

                        1. My most recent pizzas had the following ingredients (although I believe that "less is more", I don't follow my own belief;-)

                          Both pizzas had a homemade, fresh tomato and mushroom sauce.
                          The first pizza was a Puttanesca, with green stuffed olives, Kalamata olives, sweet and hot fresh peppers (I used chiles g├╝eros for the hot), and anchovies. The cheeses were mozz, shredded smoked provolone, and a little Parmesan.

                          Pizza 2 was the same sauce, but laced with a freshly made chimichurri sauce, topped with precooked sliced Chorizo Argentino, and peppers. Same cheeses. They both were good, but I enjoyed the Puttanesca more.

                          On a previous occasion, I made pizzas with charcoal grilled, fresh, marinaded vegs such as eggplant slices, zucchini, sweet colored peppers and mushrooms.That is a keeper.

                          I also made a pizza topped with parboiled, sliced potatoes, olive oil, fresh rosemary and garlic: no tomato sauce, but, yes, cheese. Luscious!

                          1. The jfood pizza toppings:

                            - ALWAYS have sauce and mozzy and romano cheese

                            then the choices will include:

                            - pepperoni
                            - sausage
                            - red peppers
                            - onions
                            - diced tomato

                            Pretty Old School I know.

                            WRT prosciutto, i do not like the changes that occur to the meat when cooked. I like it fresh off the slicer. I think the texture change ruins the meat.

                            1. Our two favorites:
                              in tomato season only - tomato marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and basil
                              other times a knockoff of New Haven clam pizza

                              1. Sauce, mozzarella (fresh and regular), and paper-thin onion slices before it's cooked and arugula added as soon as it comes out of the oven.


                                Duck, fresh mozzarella, leek, and radicchio.

                                1. I bake a thin crust pizza with an oven stone and usually top it with olive oil, caramelized or sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms, cerignola or nicoise olives, and mozzarella. When it comes out, I sprinkle with fresh chopped herbs, usually basil in summer or oregano and thyme year round. In summertime, thinly sliced squash is also good with cherry tomatoes, halved. That gets lots of parmigiano, too, when it comes out of the oven.

                                  I'm also fond of deep dish pizza with added chicken or turkey sausage pressed flat so it will cook quickly, but it's more trouble and I make it less often. That I bake in olive oil in a pan on the stone.

                                  1. always olive oil, then:

                                    Heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella

                                    roasted garlic, smokey grilled eggplant, sun dried tomatoes, pancetta, goat cheese or a cobination of some or all.

                                    Red onions, spinach, garlic, carmelized onions and roquefort

                                    ham and gorgonzola with red onion.

                                    braised greens, garlic and a fried egg

                                    Bulgogi and kim chee (it works!)

                                    olives, garlic mushrooms and feta

                                    carne asada, queso, cilantro, garlic, onion and tomatoes

                                    shrimp, garlic and goat cheese

                                    garlic and rosemary with roasted red potatoes and peppers

                                    No olive oil and:

                                    strawberries, white chocolate and sweet ricotta

                                    white chocolate, milk chocolate drizzled over mized in season berries

                                    canned peaches (drained) cinnamon, brown sugar and more sweet cheese.

                                    1. traditional:
                                      Tomato sauce, spinach, carmelized onions, pepperoni or salami, mushrooms on one side (for me!), mozzarella, romano

                                      caesar dressing, chicken, mozzarella and/or parmesan, topped with caesar salad just before serving

                                      light touch of ranch dressing, chicken, bacon, fresh tomatoes, and cheese of one's choice

                                      1. Grilled chicken, bacon, caramelized onions, whole milk mozzarella & provolone slices, canned italian style tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil, all on Trader Joe's focaccia. Yum.

                                        1. Thin crust
                                          Baked bare on a stone, except for a touch of olive oil
                                          At the last minute I throw on some proscuitto & some pecorino shavings
                                          When it comes out of the oven, I add some baby arugula.

                                          1. We make it with homemade pizza sauce and mozzzarella and ocasionally with anchovies. Once my son and I(don't laugh) made a pizza with thin sliced, dare I say it, SPAM. It was actually very tasty. From a health viewpoint I dont think this is much worse than Pepperoni.

                                            1. My favorite is what our pizza parlor of choice calls a *Friday Special*......mushrooms, black olives and shrimp. It is sooooo good. I make it at home as well, and while the toppings are just as good, I can't replicate that super-thin, crispy crust....*sigh*

                                              1. just made some pizzas the other night and here is what i did:

                                                whole wheat pizza with goat cheese, picante peppers, and caramelized onions
                                                smoked mozzarella and tomatoes
                                                smoked mozz with caramelized onions
                                                pesto, fresh chopped tomatoes, mozz, pine nuts

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                                                  Just had one. Whole Foods crust, scratch red sauce, homemade montasio cheese, parm, homegrown shitakes, and caramelized onions. I'll make the same with homegrown basil in a couple of months.

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                                                    Dang, forgot that I had pine nuts. Next time.
                                                    Oh yeah, I meant to respond to original post, not you NiKole, sorry.