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Apr 5, 2007 05:10 PM

Anyone tried Vinopolis?

Just read about "Vinopolis" in London, which seems like an amusement park of wine tastings. I laughed but it also sounds like it could be a lot of fun. And there are plenty of wines to choose from. Kind of an interesting concept. Anyone tried it?

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  1. Hello Caraely. It is GREAT fun. I have been lots of times as I take visitors to London there. It really does teach you about wine and there are a couple of great restaurants there - The Cantina is my favourite as it is casual. It's not an amusement park, more of a museum. Depending on how much alcohol you can handle, buy extra tasting tickets when you go in. ALso make sure you get the audio tour. Don't be temptedd to use all your tasting tickets in one go - there are plenty all around and even a gin bar (which I don't do as the wine is enough!).

    1. Plenty of UK food and wine bloggers have - see

      1. My advice is don't bother. Lots of indifferent wine, lots of people wearing polyester and nothing to show for it at the end.

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          lots of indifferent wine is right.

        2. I was disappointed in the experience and the wine as well. Though friends that I went there with thought it was great. I think the less you know about wine the more you will enjoy it...

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            I agree. The wine was mediocre. The wine info, the actual tour, was semi-interesting, but not worth the time or expense, unless you're in the area and have nothing else to do (as I was).

            They nickel and dime you for any additional "tastings" that are not part of the core tour.

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              We went to the Sunday brunch a few weeks ago and it was very ordinary. We booked the brunch with the vintage wine tasting and were very dissappointed.
              The brunch was at Brew Wharf cafe which had no attmosphere and we were lined up at tables along a wall. We thought that as it was a wine package a glass of bubbly may start the day, but no welcome drink came with the package. Poor staff attitude didn't help.
              The menu was OK however the traditional English breakfast was an additional charge. I ordered eggs benedict and my husband smoked salmon scrambled eggs. When they arrived they were just warm so had been sitting waiting to be delivered. We were the first ones in the cafe and first to have orders taken. There was no fresh squeezed Orange Juice as per menu, only basic bottled ( ?out of oranges ). The coffee was ordinary filtered coffee. We felt like 2nd class customers and believe the brunch was not worth the money.
              The vintage wine tasting was not worth the extra money. There was nothing special available to taste and we believe they present cheap boring wine.
              All in all a very dissappointing experience for GBP 40 (Aus $94 or US$80 ) a person.