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Apr 5, 2007 04:59 PM

Favorite recipe from Mark Miller's Coyote Cafe Cookbook? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

I've bought some poblano chilis and, while these aren't the best choice, I'm thinking of making some Green Chili Stew. I had this in NM and later went on to buy the Coyote Cafe cookbook, and this is my go-to favorite recipe in this book. It got me wondering what recipes other Chowhound might like from Miller's book, so now I ask you.

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  1. The Black Bean Soup used to be a favorite. Can't think why I stopped making it. Thanks for the reminder.
    For a long time, it was hard to get the ingredients but that's changed recently and I should use this more. (The Green Chili Stew from Coyote was one of our favorites.)
    Do you get your poblanos mail order and if so, from whom?

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      The Ibarra Layer of the Cajeta Tart is GREAT used as sauce over ice cream. We also liked the Yucatan Lime Soup, Chipotle Shrimp with Corn Cakes, the Green Chili Stew, and Lobster Enchiladas a wonderful rich indulgence.

      1. re: hot tamale

        Thanks also for those suggestions, they all look great. Lobster Enchiladas!

      2. re: shallots

        I just saw the poblanos in a market here and picked them up, I've never ordered chili's over the web but I have had good experiences with mushrooms, tea, and game. Another Boston 'hound says he orders hatch chilis every year from NM for green chili stew, I Googled NM hatch chilis and there are a bunch of places. Thanks for the Black Bean Soup suggestion.

        1. re: shallots

          Do you have the receipe for the stew? Sounds good.

          1. re: Barbarella

            This isn't verbatim but is close, "serves 2" but can be scaled up of course:

            1lb Pork but (or lamb) in cubes
            8 Anaheim chilis
            2 Serrano chilis
            1 cup red onion chopped
            1 cup cilantro
            3/4tsp oregano (Mexican preferrably)
            4 cloves garlic minced
            13/4 cup H2O
            1tsp salt

            Roast the chilis, remove skins, and chop (wear gloves if possible as I once had to soakd my hands in ice water for hours after one green chili stew cooking session).

            Brown the meat (Miller says the Navajos would use lamb), add onions and cook untl translucent, add some water to deglase the pan, then add more water (to cover meat 2/3) and simmer for 30 minutes, add Anaheim chilis with garlic and oregano, simmer another 30 minutes, puree Serrano chilis with cilantro in a litte water and add, simmer a further 15 minutes. Serve with crema or sour cream.

            I've used whatever variety of chili I can find and have been happy with the results, and prefer lamb over pork. In addition to Hatch chilis the 'hound in Boston from NM says that potatoes are traditional and I like it with potatoes (sort of a SW version of irish stew).

        2. Corn cakes with either chipotle shrimp or duck confit. Black bean soup. Prok tenderloin prepared with the pork marinade. Brazilian pinapple drink ( can;t remember what it is called). A great book.